Thursday, May 17, 2012

What is Wrong with Socialism, Besides Everything?

Here's a great article written by Kyle Becker over at Conservative Daily News: What is Wrong with Socialism?

Pretty much everything.

When I was young and dirt had that, um, fresh dirt smell, it was a widely accepted and understood fact of life that America had enemies. There were people who despised us for our freedom and were jealous of the prosperity our freedom granted us.

No other form of government yet conceived had done so much to elevate its people and the world as our American form of representative democracy.

But nowadays, you'll be hard pressed to find much of that prevailing societal attitude concerning America, thanks to the many domestic enemies who inhabit our shores, many born on her sacred land, such as Bill Ayers. They can be found in the halls of Congress also: Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison come to mind. How them (or anyone who holds such anti-American view points) can be elected to high office is a mystery I have yet to unravel.

What kind of insanity drives a person to hate their own freedom and wish to destroy it?

And what kind of insanity makes otherwise intelligent Americans vote for them?

But I digress.

Here's a snippet or two from the article.

The American Dream used to mean an opportunity to achieve success through hard work, rather than being promised a free ride at others’ expense. Those of us who respect the former, rather than believe in the latter, have an instinctive disdain for “socialism.”
But mention anything untoward about socialist ideals in polite society nowadays, and one is likely to be greeted with the reply:

What is wrong with Socialism?

Socialism is a necessarily totalitarian ideology that seeks to synthesize the political, economic, social, and private life of individuals and places control over it all in the state. Indeed, capitalism makes the separation of life into separate spheres possible, because freedom of choice economically is necessary for freedom of choice in every other sphere.

Accompanying the article is a highly scientific illustration of the socialist brain of a liberal Democrat...

You sure could have fooled me. I thought their heads were empty.

Do read it all and pass it around to your friends. Since most of them were educated in public schools, they have probably never understood what socialism is. If they still don't understand, just tell them to look around them at the shambles of our once-robust economy.

That's what the beginning of socialist rule is. It only gets worse.

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