Saturday, May 12, 2012

RIP Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby was primarily responsible for just about every fast Mustang ever made. After his chicken farm failed, he went on to become synonymous with all things Cobra, and became a potent force on international racetracks until his heart problems forced him to retire from racing. If it hadn't been for him, Ford Motor Corporation would never have been able to compete with the Chevy Corvette.

It's fitting that I first heard about Shelby's passing in the opening ceremony of the NASCAR Nationwide race last night. As I was heading out to a gig last night, I happened to catch part of Mark Levin's radio show where he brought up Carroll Shelby. He wondered if Shelby's passing would even be mentioned in an American classroom, something I hadn't considered, since Shelby was an American entrepreneur and not some environmentalist or radical.

Here's just a small taste of his influence on American musclecars, from our friends across the Pond. From the BBCA Series Top Gear (which if you like performance cars, you should absolutely demand from your TV).

Rest in Peace, Carroll. Although I rather doubt you will, since I'm reasonably certain that The Big Guy has a Mustang he'd like you to tweak...

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