Sunday, May 20, 2012

FCC Considering "all options" to Save LightSquared

I was over at my favorite hangout this morning (Ace of Spades HQ) and saw this link to another LightSquared article (from The Hill) posted by the indefatigable commenter and imaginary Intarwebz buddy, Vic.

Again, I must restate my support for the concept of a fast, public 4G wireless service, but as I've followed this story, I've seen sloppiness and a disregard for the safety not only of our military, but the public at large. Given who is involved, the anti-Christ George Soros among them, this is sadly not a surprise.

At least both parties are now considering something that should have been done from the beginning: moving the frequency away from the "quiet" GPS band, so there's that. I'm a layman, and ignorant in the ways of electronics, but common sense seems to have been missing from this endeavor from the outset. Anything that would have operated near the GPS frequency band should've been a non-starter.

Thanks, Vic.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday programming.

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