Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Madness Plus Money Equals George Soros

The Medial Research Center has this most excellent investigative report on your favorite anti-Christ and mine, George Soros. As all fourteen of you know, I'm not a fan of this man. I've followed his career for a while, noticed his destructive influence in American politics and heard about his various left-wing meddlings in other governments around the world.

Even I didn't fully realize the full depth and breadth of his crusade to "fundamentally transform" the world. This article entitled Special Report: George Soros: Godfather of the Left spells out an awful lot, with the emphasis on awful.

If you've ever wondered how the anti-freedom, anti-nationalistic and anti-American movements here and around the world have managed to gain such notoriety over the past couple of decades, wonder no more. It's primarily the result of one man and his maniacal quest to destroy countries, their forms of government and your life.

Here are a few tidbits:

Say the name George Soros and liberals see dollar signs – literally. The world’s 22nd richest man, according to Forbes, is now worth $20 billion. But Soros isn’t just noteworthy for the money he has – he’s notable for the money he has given away. Since launching his Open Society Foundations in 1984, Soros has donated more than $8 billion to charities around the world.

But instead of gaining a mighty reputation for his philanthropy, or his investment prowess, Soros is reviled abroad and criticized here in his adopted country. Most everywhere Soros, his foundations or his investing have gone, trouble has followed. He’s helped foment revolutions, undermined national currencies and funded radicals around the world. Soros has been convicted of insider dealing in France and fined $3 million, fined another $2 million in his native Hungary. His “foundations have been accused of shielding spies and breaking currency laws” and his investing strategy has been targeted for harming several national currencies.

As you can see, it's not just us that he seeks to destroy, but pretty much the entire world. I won't try to psychoanalyze the guy, I don't feel like taking the time. Suffice to say, this dude is dangerous to freedom loving people everywhere.

What I will say is, he seems to hold the strangely popular philosophical movement of Postmodernism close to his heart. For those of you who are new to this form of insanity, it's basically a rejection of modern Western thought wherein the observations and beliefs of ancient thinkers are replaced with, um, pretty much nothing. In short, there is no such thing as Truth, or Beauty or God, or anything other than Man and Power.

It's sick. But it's popular. Why, I couldn't tell you.

Some of Soros's other donations go to fund his extensive network of liberal media outlets, which have received more than $52 million. Those operations include a wide range of liberal news operations as well as the infrastructure of news - journalism schools, investigative journalism and even industry organizations.

All of that is designed to create what Soros has been pushing for decades to achieve - what he calls an "open society." But what exactly is an open society? In "Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism," he wrote that the concept is "an ideal to which our global society should aspire." But his influences are more complicated and more twisted.

Soros says he based the concept on works by philosopher Karl Popper, who Soros considers his mentor. "Popper proposed a form of social organization that starts with the recognition that no claim to the ultimate truth can be validated and therefore no group should be allowed to imposed its views on all of the rest," Soros wrote in "The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror." "Open Society denotes freedom and the absence of repression," he summed up.

What a crock of shit.

I read this and I truly wonder whatever happened to the idea of sedition. How can someone else enter a country, start throwing money around in a clear attempt to overthrow its government, and not be punished? Unless, that is, those entrusted to enforce the law have received their own twenty pieces of silver to ignore it.

Anyway, there's a lot to read here, so open your favorite beverage and educate yourself. You may squirm for a while, but that's far preferable to living in ignorance of the man who is your enemy.

Know him.

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