Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Failure of Janet Napolitano: "The system worked."

Perhaps she was too busy looking for domestic terrorists at the local VFW post to notice, but the rest of us got a reminder on Christmas Day.

We have enemies.

We have enemies who hate us. We have enemies who hate what we stand for. We have enemies who hate us for being, for living, for breathing, for working, for raising families. We have enemies who, at this very moment, are sorry that no one was killed in the attempt to blow up a plane full of Christmas passengers.

In a display of incompetence that would, had this occurred anywhere else besides Washington, result in the immediate firing of the person responsible, our head of Homeland Security said that "the system worked". Later retracted, but telling nonetheless, her statement is proof of the insulation inherent inside the Beltway, the insulation that prevents officials from being fully cognizant of the effects of their policies. In this case, only the swift action of regular citizens prevented a disaster. Not the DHS. Not the TSA. Not the 30 billion or so dollars spent after 9-11 to "upgrade" airport security.

These are the same regular citizens who realize that Janet Nepolitano should resign. The same citizens who understand that this administrations' efforts to prosecute terrorists in court is misguided and will do nothing to dissuade our enemies from striking at civilian targets. It may even provide a valid reason to strike us again due to the protection our courts accord defendants. Give a terrorist a lawyer and read him his Miranda rights and watch every effort to gain intelligence about future terror strikes vanish.

These are the same citizens who wonder when our government will become truly determined to stop terrorism by whatever steps are necessary.

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