Friday, December 4, 2009

President Admits Ignorance of Economic Remedy

President Obama held a "Jobs Summit" at the White House yesterday. No, it wasn't beers with the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. It was a half hearted effort to try and discover what everyone else knows about our economy.

The Stimulus Bill is an outright failure, and some could argue that the unemployment numbers show it's done the exact opposite of what it was intended to do. The pitiful attempt to disguise this failure is called "jobs created or saved", as if no one notices the rising number of unemployed Americans. Almost everyone knows a friend or relative that's been negatively affected by the "progressive" policies of this administration, including me. Destroying our economy doesn't seem like progress.

To add insult to the very real injury that many Americans are forced to endure, President Obama admitted that he has no idea how our economy operates and invited a group of business and labor leaders to the White House yesterday. His, and Vice-President Biden's opening statements are here. In it, he states,

How do we get businesses to start hiring again? How do we get ourselves to the point where more people are working, and more people are spending, and you start seeing a virtuous cycle and the recovery starts to feed on itself?

Well, Mr. President, I'm here to help you. I know you've never run a business, or even held a position in a business. I know that you don't understand how a free market economy works, nor how wealth is created. I know that you're hostile to business in general and you consider profits to be evil. I know you think everyone always has enough money for everything since you said that your cap-and-trade plan would cause everyone's utility bill to "necessarily skyrocket" and you also think wealth should be "spread around" instead of generated.

So, being the good citizen that I am, here are just a few of my suggestions to you to stimulate our economy and put us back to work.

1. Reduce the corporate tax rate to 10 percent.

2. Declare a payroll tax holiday.

3. Kill the Health Care Bill.

4. Kill the Cap-and-Trade Bill.

5. Enact legislation to lift restrictions on domestic oil drilling and fast-track the construction of oil refineries and nuclear power plants.

6. Enact legislation to promote manufacturing jobs. Encourage diversity in the job market.

7. Repeal all environmental regulations that were based on the now-disproven theory of global warming.

8. Encourage banks that received bailout money to begin extending credit to businesses.

Mr. President, you can begin to take concrete action to improve our economy, or you can hold meaningless summits that only produce words and pictures. There are literally millions of Americans who are anxiously waiting to see if you are sincere and serious.

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