Thursday, December 17, 2009

Musings on This Third Pary Thingy

Many electrons have given their lives in discussions of this poll of the Tea Partiers becoming a third party in the upcoming electoral cycle. I don't think this is a good idea. Recent history shows third party candidates diluting votes, enabling Democrats to win in close contests.

I'm suspicious of this poll. My reason for suspicion is that this poll is covered by the MSM at all. In fact, the national alphabet media never fails to portray conservatives and conservatism in a negative way. We're shown as red-faced fanatics sporting tinfoil hats with the uneaten remnants of infant entrails in our teeth while holding the freshly-skinned pelt of a baby seal to our bosom. Add to this the results of the most recent presidential election wherein George Bush was the object of eight years of incessant criticism from the media, some of it rightly
deserved, but most of it without merit (and unanswered when it should
have been). The media's role in setting up the current disaster in Washington cannot be dismissed. So color me skeptical if I read anything positive about conservative ideas in the popular media.

The Tea Party Movement is a success in that the average American is now much more aware of politics than ever before. The Internet has provided a way to stay informed of the goings-on in Washington. As more is discovered about the details of legislation, Americans are discovering that their elected officials are, contrary to the model of representative democracy, ignoring their wishes. On everything. And the trust that once existed between the working public and their elected officials
has been seriously eroded. We just can't send someone to Washington
and be confidant they'll do what we want. More often than not,
they're directly opposing our will. This unwillingness to comply with
our wishes isn't confined to one party. Both are guilty.

What this country needs is a viable conservative party. The mechanism is already in place within the Republican party. What's missing is true leadership. Conservative ideas are proven winners when they're presented in the right way: with truth, conviction, calmness and strength. They need not be tailored to fit this or that special interest group. They are inclusive and beneficial to all Americans by nature.

I'll use energy as an example. Our lifestyle depends on energy: electrical (for static needs) and petroleum (for portable needs). If we were to remove the
artificial barriers that have been imposed on our ability to develop
our own natural resources, we could reap the benefits of inexpensive
energy while providing much-needed jobs. We could start drilling for
oil, we could fast-track the construction of refineries and nuclear
power plants. We could create jobs for all of America, have inexpensive energy to improve our standard of living and increase tax revenue, all at the same time. We can and should do these things. Everyone will benefit.

All we need to do is stay the course and the GOP will follow us.

With every swing of the national political pendulum comes talk of a third party We must resist this temptation, especially now. The rise of the Tea Party is truly a grassroots effort that needs to stay where it is. Which is the pot
set on simmer on the back burner. You won't forget it's there, cause
there's just a bit of steam coming from it. You can dip into it any
time to add some flavor to the main dish, but you won't be able to
make a whole meal of it, not yet. But the main course can't be made
without it's ingredients.

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