Saturday, January 9, 2010

Obama Gives In, al-Qaeda Wins!

In the aftermath of the failed attempt to kill 300 innocent travelers on Christmas Day, one thing has become painfully apparent. This administration isn’t serious about winning the War on Terror

The Fruit-of-Kaboom Bomber (thanks Rush) never should’ve been allowed on an airplane. The fact that he was despite all the warning signs (even one from his father) shows an embarrassing ineptness on the part of those entrusted with the safety of the flying public

He has now been given a lawyer, had his Miranda rights read to him and is currently silent when he should be rigorously interrogated about similar Al Qaeda efforts currently planned. Not that it would do much good when we have liberal judges willing to throw out evidence in terrorist trials, essentially handing a victory to our enemies in the name of the law.

Logic seems absent from Eric Holder’s decision to try KSM in a New York court. Why spend 200 million tax dollars per year on him on a show trial? He’s not a citizen and deserves no rights in an American court of law. He was already willing to be executed, so what’s behind this decision? Does the Obama administration really think that their appeasement will placate our enemies? Has it prevented an attack yet?

There a few in Congress who want to stop this madness, although not enough. Showing weakness to our enemies only invites more aggression, as anyone who’s ever tried to talk a schoolyard bully out of a beating can testify.

President Obama told us in his book Dreams of My Father that he would “side with Islam”. This is now readily apparent to most Americans.

Instead of showing strength and determination against an enemy, he appeases them and gives in to them.

He is now playing by their rules.

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