Monday, January 4, 2010

Brit Hume Criticized for Offering Friendly Advice to Tiger Woods

We Americans are a friendly bunch. We love to offer advice to our friends. When we find a good restaurant, a reliable mechanic, or a good book, we usually can't wait to tell others about it. Some of us even feel the need to tell the whole world about it, hence the popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter. A few of us will even go as old-school as to *ahem* blog about things we like or think others could benefit from knowing.

This is especially so when when someone is in trouble. That's how a lot of lawyers get work.

But, if you happen to advise someone about something that could truly change their life for the better, that you have some experience with, and that something is Christianity, look out. You can suggest any other religion except Christianity, such as Bhuddism, Zoroastroism, Scientology, or Islam and no one will bat an eye in opposition. But, recommend that someone explore the teachings of Jesus, why, you're some sort of wild-eyed fundamentalist hypocrite.

How can you look at the travails of Tiger and not think that his belief system has failed him? His standing atop the sports world as the worlds' first billionaire athlete and role model for many children is in serious jeopardy. Something is wrong between his ears.

This is where having a foundation in something greater than yourself comes into play. Just think, if you could have a connection with something ethereal that shows you right from wrong, warns you when you're about to make a mistake and generally guides you in life, wouldn't you want to take advantage of it? Many of us would jump at the chance, yet this simple but powerful thing is roundly misunderstood and grossly mischaracterized, leading many folk away from the One Thing that could truly help them decode this often-confusing life. The parable of the blind men and the elephant describes this perfectly, where all are examining the same object, but different parts of it, leading to different conclusions.

Here's hoping, along with Brit, that Tiger can call upon God to help him get his life sorted out.

UPDATE! In her usual biting style, Ann Coulter weighs in on the Big Guy.

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