Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Captain Kick-Ass to the Rescue!

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!

No, it's Captain Kick-Ass!

Able to leap tall oil rigs in a single bound. Faster than a speeding golf ball. More powerful than Nancy Pelosi's gavel. A tireless public union servant, dedicated to untruths, injustice, and the progressive way.

Oh boy. Sorry kiddies, that's all the snark that Uncle Backwards can tolerate for one day.

It's a somewhat slow news day, so that usually presents a problem here. Do I post the latest poll showing Obama's approval numbers sinking like a rock again? Meh, that's too easy. I could do that almost every day.

Ooooh! How about all the Republican women who won yesterday's primary elections? Ok, that doesn't happen every day, so it's an option.

Wait! I've got it! How about all the lefty talking heads who are just now starting to realize that Obama is, shall we say, not quite up to the job of being President? Hmm, maybe not. After reading it, the author just claims Obama's a third term of Bush.

There's always the Gulf oil spill. Here's a good story about a company that decided to gear up for what should've been a no-brainer. They made a few miles of oil containment booms in anticipation that someone would buy it in order to protect the Gulf shore from the encroaching oil. Curiously, no one's buying it.

I guess I'll just have to be content with this little piece of effluence from the mouth of our Precedent. "I'm talking to Gulf experts so I'll know whose ass to kick."

Way to go there, Captain. I feel better already, don't you?

Of course, if we left it up to all the talking heads at the MFM, all we'd hear is about how Obama needs to lose his cool and go all gangsta on somebody's ass. Like that'll seal the leak in the Gulf. Instead, out here in the real world, what is needed is someone who understands that this is a highly technical disaster that can't be fixed with words. Or emotions. It takes many things that Captain Kickass just doesn't have, has never had, nor appears that he wants. Things like real managerial experience. A willingness to admit that he doesn't have all the answers. Listening to others who don't share his Marxist tendencies and could actually suggest that the government get out of the way and let those who do this for a living fix the problem.

Is the Gulf oil spill Obama's Katrina? As I've said before, you bet your light, sweet ass it is.

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