Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Insanity of Equal Outcomes

Leave it to the left to introduce the most absurd ideas into the national conversation and then proceed to endorse them as normal, mainstream thought.

Take multiculturalism for example. This absurd notion takes as its premise that all cultures are equally good and can contribute nothing but good things to the melting pot that is America.

Here's another one: animals have legal rights.

This is the best one so far - postmodernism. This one posits the idea that there is no right or wrong.

P. T. Barnum had all kinds of respect for the types of people who believed such nonsense. He called them suckers. He was right. There is one born every minute.

How else to explain the numbers of people who until recently believed that mankind was capable of altering the weather of a planet the size and complexity of Earth? The good news is that even the most gullible of us can awaken. Sometimes it takes a while, but it still happens.

Today's subject is yet another misguided notion, voiced by none other than First Lady Michelle Obama. While addressing the NAACP, she bemoans the fact that there is inequality in America, particularly in the black community. While her concerns sound valid at first, upon closer examination, what she's really advancing is yet another intellectual slap in the face.

This one is the idea that outcomes should all be equal. That everyone should all have the same intelligence and abilities, that everyone should be equal to everyone else in everything. There's only one thing missing in her belief.


Instead of recognizing true individuality, as the proponents of diversity do (really, they don't, but that's for another post), she seems to think that everyone everywhere should all be equal. That sounds fine in the faculty lounge at a liberal university, but out here in the real world, it just isn't so. Never has been, never will be.

But then again, leftists never let reality intrude on a good fantasy. I wish I could recall who said this so I could properly attribute it, but it goes something like this, "People tend to believe what they wish to be true, instead of what is true." That one sentence tends to encapsulate all of mankinds' problems.

You don't need to think for too long to see the inherent absurdity and plain ole' idiocy of that idea. There would be no winners or losers. No one to emulate. No one to learn from and no need to learn. Sports would be a thing of the past because every participant would receive a trophy regardless of where they finished. Indeed, some of this (lack of) mentality is already poisoning the minds of youngsters in some organized sports around the nation. Equality of outcome and equality of opportunity are polar opposites in addition to being mutually exclusive.

No one is the same as anyone else. This is by Design. And we can thank Goodness that it is so. Life wouldn't be what it is if everyone were the same. What would be the point?

Some of the leftists who believe in this pap even point to the words of our Founders. "All men are created equal." they sneer. Um, sorry y'all, but you've got that all wrong, as usual. They were talking about a citizens' dealings with government, not a kids' soccer game. The notion of equality before the law was what they believed. Power was to be dealt equally to everyone all the time. There should be no favoritism, or cronyism, or anything of the sort. Laws are to be administered to the rich and poor alike. No one is above the reach of the law for any reason. However, one need look no further than our own Department of Justice to see that this administration holds these principles in contempt.

There is a sad irony in the First Lady's words. The policies put in place by her husband and his leftist friends are directly responsible for the inequality she points out.

That's a fact. But we can't have facts in a national conversation, especially about race, now can we?

When false notions become political policy, enforced with laws that deny reality, that's when we begin our long downhill slide into something far less than the America our Founders gave us.

We begin our descent into tyranny.

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