Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Helpful Ideas for the GOP

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs has made it official. The House of Representatives will be taken by the GOP this coming November.

This is great news, to be sure. But the GOP may be in danger of being like the dog that chases cars all day. When he catches one, what will he do with it?

In the interest of the nation, this blog is here to help. The GOP certainly needs it. The Democrats in Congress have been on a tear since the election of President Obama. They've managed to force one unpopular piece of legislation after another on an unwilling nation. The reaction from the GOP has been the sound of crickets. In our Age of Information, where the news cycle is now 24/7, there is literally no excuse for the Republican Party to remain in the shadows. There are so many ways to circumvent the MSM that it boggles the mind. Apparently, most of the GOP leadership has been boggled to the point of stunned silence since we never hear an alternative to the big-government, freedom-reducing, job-killing policies of this administration and the Democrat controlled Congress.

So here, in no certain order of importance, are some tips that the GOP could consider once they're in office.

1. Balance the budget and get our mounting debt under control immediately. You could even start working on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution that will solve this problem once and for all.

2. Start reducing the size and scope of the Federal government by eliminating the Departments of Energy and Education and the Environmental Protection Agency for starters. Return these functions to the states where they belong.

3. Repeal ObamaCare, the remnants of the Stimulus Bill and just about every other bill that this Congress has foisted on the people against our wishes. This includes any bills that might be passed during the lame duck session.

4. Make General Motors and Chrysler private companies again.

5. Secure our borders. Critics of the effort constantly complain that we don't have a system to insure orderly immigration. That is just plain bullshit. Perhaps they've never heard of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

6. Institute a flat tax of absolutely no more that 10 per cent of gross income that cannot be raised without a two-thirds majority popular vote. Keep the deduction for mortgage interest and college loans. Tie this to the balanced budget amendment above.

7. Repeal NAFTA and institute policies that will revive the manufacturing sector of our economy. We need the diversity of job opportunities that manufacturing provides, especially to those who want to work with their hands.

8. Pass a national right-to-work law. No one should be forced to join a union if they don't want to.

9. Replace the United Nations with a new coalition of democratic nations. Have as a requirement for membership free and open elections and a functioning democratic constitution that recognizes the right of the people to be free. We might be the only ones in it, so what?

10. Craft a national energy policy that encourages the harvesting of our abundant natural resources in a safe way. Make it much easier to construct new nuclear power plants and oil refineries. Open up areas that have been senselessly closed to drilling. Abandon the false notion of "climate change" or "global warming" or whatever it's called this week.

11. Pass a tort reform bill that drastically limits the number of frivolous lawsuits and repeal every hate crime law. The lawyer lobby will scream, but again, so what? No one should live in fear of a lawsuit if they've done nothing wrong. Return the ideals of right and wrong to legality and illegality.

12. Restore NASA to its original purpose of maintaining the lead in space exploration that we've earned. Go to the Moon and Mars, not because it is easy.

13. Answer critics with the truth. Any time someone, particularly in the media, says or writes a false statement, call them out on it. Defend American values such as honesty, individual freedom and responsibility at every opportunity without cowering or making excuses. If you hear something false, say something true.

14. Root out corruption whenever and wherever it is found. Restore trust in government that we can once again be a beacon to the world and set the example of how government is to be operated, which is in the best interests of the majority of Americans.

15. Dismiss this notion of personal political wins and losses. Politicians who think this way (as we see nearly every issue painted as a victory or loss for Obama instead of the nation) need to be rooted out of the system. We also need to end the practice of political donors receiving direct favors in repayment for contributions. If a politician gets a contribution, it should be understood that it's in repayment for the politician doing the will of the people and standing up for American values, which indirectly benefits everyone.

16. Be aware that any move to the political left or towards a larger government is directly at odds with the Founders notions of limited government and maximum individual freedom, and is thus to be avoided at all times.

This is by no means everything that needs to be done to restore American values to Washington, but it's a start. This blog has done its part. Now it's time for the GOP to do theirs.

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