Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I Intended to Write

Or, Yesterday's Indecision Today!

I was going to write about something that's been bothering me since yesterday. I started out wanting to more fully examine the video of New Black Panther King Shamir Shabazz and his Amazing Racist Rant. I wanted to write an open letter to him in the hopes of opening up a dialog that might help resolve his irrational anger against white people.

I wanted him to explain to me the "condition" that he spoke about on the city street as shown in the clip. Obviously, he seems concerned about the condition of his race in America since he mentioned it quite loudly. I wanted to ask him about the oppression that only he seems to see. Having watched the video several times, I'm struck by the absence of chains upon him. I also noticed that no police appeared in the clip while he was speaking his mind. No snarling dogs, no fire hoses, no ax handles wielded by angry whites.

No, I didn't see one thing that has been part of our countrys' past iniquities towards blacks. Maybe it's just me, but what I saw was a black man speaking racial hatred freely and openly advocating racial infanticide without fear of retribution from police, or the mayor, or anyone else in power. Nor from anyone else within earshot. Now I don't care who you are, that's freedom right there.

I also wondered about his personal life. Is he single? Would his wife or girlfriend agree with his stance toward whites? Is he this angry all the time? Hasn't he ever held a child in his arms and marveled at the potential squirming there? Has he ever wondered if that child could be the next Martin Luther King or Clarence Thomas?

I thought I'd ask if he thinks that his considerable anger towards whites was a step in the right direction to solve what he sees as a big problem in this country. Does he think that by displaying his anger he will gain the admiration of others? Does he hope to inspire young people to help the nation progress towards a truly color-blind society that recognizes the goodness of peoples' character and spirit?

And what of his relationship with God? After all, he's not alone in life, whether he admits it or not. What would God think of his attitude toward his fellow man and his failure to keep one of the only two things we've been Instructed to do: Love God and love your brother as you would yourself.

I also wanted to let him know that while I don't care for his views and I think he's wrong on many points, I don't hate him and I don't want his children dead.

Yes I wanted to ask all these questions and a few more.

But what I'm going to do instead is endorse the movement to draft Sarah Palin as GOP Chairman.

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