Monday, July 5, 2010

What Grand Idea Is This?

What grand idea is this, that we should be free? That we should govern ourselves and our affairs best to our liking and desires, relying our our instincts, our intellect and our conscience. That we should live in harmony with others free, unbound by useless rules made up by some distant person who knows not of our lives, nor our families, nor our dreams and desires, and certainly not our hopes.

What grand idea is this, that we should unite as free souls and govern ourselves as we choose? That we should gather, talk, decide which path is best to walk, then choose those who represent our wishes to act as we would act in their stead, embracing our values of freedom and liberty, to govern in a manner most pleasing to us. That these people be our friends and neighbors, knowing us as people to be honored and obeyed, much as in marriage, for it is a union we seek. A union with others of like mind, seeing that power is held in restraint until needed, not to be abused nor turned toward a populace, but to defend the values that are deeply held against those who wish otherwise, namely tyranny and oppression.

What grand idea is this, that we should show to the world what wonders are possible to a free people? That we should toil and sweat and provide for ourselves and our families that which is most pleasant to them and us, at the same time by our example, showing others in the world how to best conduct the affairs of man with malice toward none save those who would deprive us of our rights as freemen. That governance of self is done with restraint and vigilance, placing first the innocence of liberty such as a doctor, to do no harm. To shine as a light to the downtrodden and defeated, that any who should desire the slavery of their peoples be shown as the wicked they are, separate from God's gentle instruction to love others as ourselves.

What grand idea is this that we should ourselves fall into the clutches of our enemies and find them in our midst? For if they do not love freedom, liberty and the loving kindness that supports these things, they should be encouraged not to change a people, but to change themselves. Failing that, they should encourage the thought of seeking out a like minded people in travel, some place where their views are more widely held, enshrined in some foreign land, finding there the solace for their tortured views. We wish not their demise, we seek instead to be free to pursue those things we deem pleasing, unfettered by those who wish not upon themselves the blessings and responsibilities of freedom.

What grand idea is this, that we should from time to time renew these things that make us who we are? An honest examination, that we remain true to ourselves, our God, and our families, measured by those values handed down to us from our forefathers and those who have fought and died for our freedoms, that we should not be found wanting nor wandering.

That freedom never perish, for its' fate is uncertain. That all times, we make our efforts known to the world, that we wish only for ourselves and others, peace and liberty, for the two are inseparable, bound in Heaven by God intended for a just and honest people, unafraid and steadfast in their belief of freedom and liberty.

What grand idea is this, that we should be free?

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