Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Does Obama Call Us Lazy When We Can't Get Up Because His Boot is on Our Neck?

Recently, Americans were called lazy by President Obama (warning. This video is from way back in November of 2011, hopelessly dated by Internet standards. There's even some guy on there named Rick Perry.)

There's a reason for this: the regulations emanating from this administration are choking the ability of businesses to operate and adding billions and billions of dollars to the cost of doing business.

This post from Sweetness and Light illustrates the problem: Obama is Top Regulator in US History.

Abstract [of the Heritage study]: During the first three years of the Obama Administration, 106 new major federal regulations added more than $46 billion per year in new costs for Americans. This is almost four times the number—and more than five times the cost—of the major regulations issued by George W. Bush during his first three years. Hundreds more regulations are winding through the rulemaking pipeline as a consequence of the Dodd–Frank financial-regulation law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s global warming crusade, threatening to further weaken an anemic economy and job creation

Read the whole thing and click on all the links. It's not long.

I'd really like to get up, Mr. President, but I can't.

Is that gum on the bottom of your boot, Sir?

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