Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Viralness - the Video the TSA Doesn't Wan't You to See

 I found this online this afternoon and thought y'all might be interested. It's over at the Cato Intitute and was made by engineer Jonathan Corbett. It shows just how ineffective these new cancer backscatter X-Ray machines that we've all paid for really are.

Since I haven't flown in a while, I'm not familiar with all the new methods of groping security currently in use at our airports. If the TSA has replaced the old metal-detectors with this technology, they have made a big, expensive mistake. Which would be about average for them.

If we had the right people in power, you know, ones who understood the threat we all face from terrorists, and who had the will to confront the enemy and apply some old-school remedies to them, we wouldn't have to use these things. We also wouldn't be treated like threats when we clearly aren't. We would actually be treating bad guys like the enemy instead of wanting to just give them a hug and trying to talk to them.

But of course, these days, everything is backwards.

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