Friday, March 16, 2012

Sprint Bails Out of LightSquared Infrastructure Deal

As all eleven of you know, I've been following the LightSquared story for some time. While their idea of high-speed wireless transmission is a good one (and one I think will be realized soon), their tactic of encroaching upon the "quiet" space near the frequency used by the Global Positioning System is very dangerous to the military and the general public, something I've pointed out here and here.

Thankfully, LightSquared's plans to interfere with with the GPS band appears to be nearing its end. Cellular giant Sprint appears to pulling out of their agreement with LS to share their infrastructure.

That sound you hear is the top of a Guinness being opened in celebration. Cooler and more rational heads have prevailed. And this administration's crony socialism has been slowed somewhat.

And now for something completely different...

My Crimson Tide basketball team takes on Creighton today at 1:40 on TBS. I had a gig last night, and while unwinding this morning, B'Gal and I were watching ESPN's SportsCenter where one bracketologist (whose name escapes me) had Alabama advancing to the Final Four.

Bless him.

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