Sunday, March 18, 2012

Obama's Emergency Preparedness Diktat

You need to read this:

Executive Order - National Defense Resources Preparedness

There is one word you should never see in any US Government document: All.

As in...

"...all forms of energy;"

"...all forms of civil transportation."

"... all other materials, services, and facilities,"

Basically, this EO appears innocuous enough, until you start gaming the possible scenarios, especially the one where this administration starts viewing the American People as a threat. If you think that's something your government would never do, think again.

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ZZMike said...

The big problem is that the words are easily interpreted in the government's favor. Especially "possible threat".

Suppose they decide that global warming is a "possible threat"?

And it the EO stands (as they almost all do), future presidents may not be as generous and freedom-loving as Obama.