Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ABC News Discovers "Secret Jesus Bible Codes" on Military Equipment!

In a daring expose, ABC News has discovered the shocking revelation that a supplier of gun sights has been putting “Secret Jesus Bible Code” on their products. These codes are so super-duper secret that nobody is able to decipher their obviously nefarious meaning. It’s blatantly Christian, so there has to be some vast, right wing cabal of shadowy figures, known only to a privileged few, guiding this plot to undermine Western civilization.

The finest minds in academia coupled with the awe-inspiring power of many university supercomputers are currently working overtime on this mystery. These codes are so secret, no one has ever seen them before.

The reporters at ABC are dumbstruck. What could they mean? What is their meaning? What could they possibly refer to? How could they mean what they possibly refer to, and what, then, does that mean? Film at 11.

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