Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brace Yourself, Effie. Economy is Next Focus for Obama

President Obama is about to “pivot” towards the economy. He’ll focus himself with laser-like intensity on, um, uh, changing the criteria used for job creation. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Um, pardon me sir, but shouldn't your efforts be concentrated on proven stimulus methods such as tax reduction and regulatory reform? Reducing federal interference in the free market? Reducing our debt?

Policies that actually, you know, work?

One year into the Reign of Obama, the national unemployment rate now stands at 10%. Other estimates (often used to downplay the historically low unemployment numbers of the Bush era) place the total percentage of unemployed or underemployed at a more realistic 20%. Judging by this blog's personal observations, the latter number is more accurate.

What is needed inside the Beltway is a firm grasp of basic capitalist economic theory. It’s not hard to understand. In fact, anyone who can balance their checkbook knows it. This current Krugman-Keynesian voodoo economic theory of “multipliers” doesn’t work. If it did, we’d see concrete proof in the traditional yardsticks. Instead, the classic units of measure all point in the same direction - down - and can only lead to one conclusion – this wrecking of our economy is being done on purpose. For a quick lesson in what passes for Progressive economic thought, read this.

The current hesitancy of businesses to expand centers around the uncertainty of what Washington will do next. This administration has already displayed open hostility to American businesses. Business owners now wait to see just how much further harm Obama and his Marxist minions can inflict upon an already ailing economy. Meanwhile, many formerly employed Obama supporters wonder if this is what they voted for. Is there any wonder that his approval numbers are sinking like a rock?

Make no mistake, Obama could enact sound, historically proven policies to stimulate the economy and put struggling Americans back to work. The fact that he refuses to do so tells you all you need to know about he feels about his fellow citizens and America.

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