Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More of This, Please UPDATED!

Gee, this race for the Senate seat formerly held by Teddy Kennedy (drink a shot) is getting interesting. Scott Brown is demonstrating that he gets it, with "it" being the recognition that all the people need representing, not just liberal special interest groups.

He's been on fire going into the final week of campaiging, raising over $1M in a single day.
His Democrat challenger, Martha Coakley, is mustering the support of every female in the state against him. Her latest attack ad notes that it's a product of the "Massachusettes Democratic Party".
If you live in that area and want to turn the tide of Marxism now running rampant in Washington, pleasepleaseplease go vote for Scott Brown this coming Tuesday.

UPDATE! Here's what the well-dressed Massachusette will be wearing to the polls next Tuesday.

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