Thursday, January 21, 2010

Germany's Take on the Scott Brown Win

This blog is always on the lookout for Truth and Objectivity, wherever they are to be found. So this article from Germany's Speigel Online lamenting the end of HopeyChanginess as a result of Scott Brown's Senate win looked promising.

After reading it, not so much. There are a few hits:
Obama made a serious misjudgement.
Followed immediately by a miss:

...he saved the banks, rescued the automobile industry from collapse and passed a huge economic stimulus package.

What he did, instead of "rescuing the autombile industry", was to close many profitable dealerships (several of whom donated campaign money to his rival, John McCain) and pump huge amounts of taxpayer monies into a company that is essentially operated by the UAW. That hardly qualifies as "rescuing".

The next batter steps up to the plate:

For Obama, the election in Massachusetts means that he will have to re-evaluate his political style.
Fast ball, right down the middle.

And now for the foul ball hit straight into the catchers' mitt:

...he could back away from his strategy of bipartisanship...

Exactly what strategy of bipartisanship would we be referring to, pray tell. The one that closed Republicans out of every meeting to negotiate the Health Care Bill? Or maybe it's the strategy of telling opponents that the dabate is over, to sit down and shut up? That strategy?

Here comes the clean-up man:
But he cannot ignore the fact that his health care reform package is not popular, the situation of the country's finances is seen as threatening and many voters blame the high unemployment rate on the party in power -- on the Democrats, led by Obama.
It's going, going, gone. Outta the park.

Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts will reverberate in Washington for a long while. It is a deafening refutation of the Marxist policies of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi that are currently destroying the country. They have a choice: they can move to the middle or they can continue their assault on the country. One of these moves will benefit them, the other will result in the poisoning of the Democrat brand for at least a generation.

Overall, Germany doesn't seem to have a better handle on American politics than some in the American press, but it's still fun to read.

And even funnier to watch.

h/t The Jawa Report.

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