Thursday, January 28, 2010

President Obama's SOTU, The Great Disconnect

Watching President Obama's State of the Union speech last night, this blog was struck by how distant, aloof and separated from reality he seems to be. But the most disturbing aspect was his obvious disconnection and indifference to the real state of our nation.

The state of our union, for those of us outside the Beltway, isn't good. We've had two years of Democrat rule in Congress and a year of one party Democrat rule in Washington. We were promised change, and that we have received, good and hard.

Economically, change has been for the worse: double-digit unemployment numbers, government takeovers of banks and auto companies, a stimulus bill that has yet to deliver on the promise of truly stimulating our economy, a focus not on the creation of jobs, but on a massively expensive government takeover of the healthcare system that the people see as unnecessary.

Forign policy has been a similar failure. Instead of confronting a dangerous world with strength and power, Obama has offered up appeasement and weakness, emboldening our enemies. For example, his UN speech on nuclear arms sounded more like a middle-schoolers' naive opinion that we should rid the world of nuclear weapons. The middle east situation is still a quagmire, only now, Israel can no longer count on the US being a staunch ally. Palestinian schoolchildren are still being indoctrinated into a culture of death daily on televison while human rights groups silently approve.

On the domestic terror front, Obama's shift to a pre-9-11 approach to terrorism is being roundly rejected by the people who understand that treating an illegal foreign combatant like a citizen is a mistake and allows our enemies to use our court system against us. Attorney General Eric Holder's judgement is called into question on many prominent cases, as he seems much more interested in bestowing rights to our enemies instead of defeating them.

Perhaps, this is what he should've said. It would've been much more honest, and could have stopped the downward trend in his approval numbers.

And it would've shown the American people that he is capabable of change.

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