Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Decoding the Left: Mental Illness as a Political Movement

By now, you may have heard the newest item of the MSM's agenda: any opposition to the ObamaCare Law is the fault of evil, right-wing conservatives. Those who don't like the imposition of a massively expensive and intrusive government program to correct minor imperfections in the world's best medical system are bloodthirsty conservative radicals, unhinged and ready to kill someone, anyone in their blind lunatic rage against the nations's first black president.

Got that?

It's all part of the psychological war being waged upon average Americans by a minority of elites who want nothing less than full control over you, your thoughts and actions, your family and your country. Make no mistake, what you see and hear on CNN, MSNBC and the Big Three is another carefully crafted effort to manipulate your emotions and make you question your instincts.

What we have here is mental instability acting like a political movement. There's just no other way to describe it.

Here's the baseline: a normal, well-adjusted adult has no urge to control another normal, well-adjusted adult. It just doesn't exist. The need isn't there. A normal, well-adjusted adult has a firm grip on reality and conducts his or her life in a responsible manner. This person has a sort of inner compass, informing him/her of the proper way to live and separating truth from fiction, lies from deceit. In fact, in a perfect world, everyone would be self-contained and whole within themselves, thus eliminating the need for laws. Peace would reign, supreme. I feel confident that this mental attitude is what's referred to in the Bible as "Heaven on Earth".

Having established a baseline, we can see just how far we've fallen away from it. The distance from it is measured in the unit called a "progressive".

The roots of this mental illness remain a mystery. The symptoms, however, are on display daily and most often shown by politicians, particularly Democrats, who have become brazen and open in their efforts to dismiss the opinion and will of the people they're supposed to represent. Well-reasoned argument is avoided,with one representative reducing the oppostions' argument to the immature phrase of "die quickly", complete with placards printed with large lettering, lest we illiterates on the right miss the verbal messsage.

Fortunately, this blog isn't alone in its quest to understand this illness. Dr. Pat Santy, whose blog is a regular stop for me, regularly engages in this exploration of the mind. Her recent post on self-esteem is a classic treatise on the immaturity of leftists. Se sure to check out Encouraging a Culture of Narcissism.

In it, she quotes Dr. Theodore Dalrymple:

When people speak of their low self-esteem, they imply two things: first, that it is a physiological fact, rather like low hemoglobin, and second, that they have a right to more of it. What they seek, if you like, is a transfusion of self-esteem, given (curiously enough) by others; and once they have it, the quality of their lives will improve as the night succeeds the day. For the record, I never had a patient who complained of having too much self-esteem, and who therefore asked for a reduction. Self-esteem, it appears, is like money or health: you can't have too much of it.

Again, this is merely a symptom of a disease. Oversimplified, it is a God complex where the victim decides that he or she knows everything. Of and by itself, that attitude is merely humorous, and can be endearing in certain cases. However, that attitude in a position of power is very dangerous, as we are slowly seeing with the Obama administration, aided by Reid and Pelosi. It's just one of the many reasons why politicians should be rigorously examined by the public in any race, local or national, and those infected by this disease rejected.

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