Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid, Ides of March Edition

Where in the world is James Brown's body?

Tiger Woods to return to golf at the Masters? He has Hank Haney as his swing coach and Ari Fleischer as his spin coach. Winning the Masters again might remind the world what he's really good at.

Is this the end of Jack Bauer? I, for one, will miss She-of-the-perpetually-furrowed-brow.

Something foul afoot at the Miami Airport. Frank Zappa would approve.

The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Obama administration. Flopping Aces fires up the Wayback Machine and sets the controls to 2004, when the press was virtually orgasmic in their gleeful coverage of Bush the 43rd when he reached that number. Today, with Obama? Crickets.

Brain scan reads peoples' thoughts. In the case of progressives, all you get is a test pattern.

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