Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Poision of Progressivism

It began with hope and a promise of change. No longer would our country be shackled by "politics as usual". Openess and honesty were to be the standing orders of the day. A bright new sun would rise, replacing the darkness of the previous administration whose policies were dragging down the great potential contained in the United States.

Anyone who still believes that in light of the disaster of the past 14 months of the Obama administration needs a serious and thorough psychiatric evaluation followed by heavy doses of medication because you have lost your mind.

The events of the past year have truly been breathtaking in their audacity. The list is growing too large to be remembered conveniently - what is left is the uncomfortable feeling that our country has been taken away from us by the very people we trusted enough to vote into office.

It's in our nature as Americans to give our fellow citizens the benefit of the doubt. We extended that courtesy to the new administration and gave it time to acclimate itself to the rigors of leadership. What were seen as obvious missteps were forgiven as rookie mistakes that were sure to be corrected in short order. After all, Democrats had been out of power for a while and might be a bit rusty. Time and experience would serve as self-correction. We believed that we were making history with the election of the country's first black President, which we did, and that our newfound racial harmony would absolve us of the stain of segregation. This new administration would be merely a liberal twist on standard American values, not unlike previous Democrat administrations.

Well, so much for those ideas.

If you question wheter what you're witnessing in Washington is the result of incompetance or a deliberate assault on the country, wonder no more. Believe your own eyes and trust what you hear: your country has been taken away from you.

It is essential for you to understand that the politicians who now inhabit the area inside the Beltway are not like you or me. They do not share your values. They are not interested in your welfare. They do not want you to be successful in life, they don't care if your family has a secure future and they most definitely do not embrace the values that made America the beacon of hope and freedom for the world.

In fact, for some inexplicable reason, they hold you in contempt. They look down upon you and your beliefs as one might look upon a small child. Your opinions don't matter. Your arguments are dismissed. They are the ultimate arbiters of your life, not you.

This attitude is now on naked display in the battle over ObamaCare currently raging on Capitol Hill. In the face of overwhelming evidence that shows America wants nothing to do with a government takeover of the healthcare industry, progressives in both houses of Congress persist in forcing their grand vision of socialism down your throat.

This issue has become so toxic to the nation that we are now faced with a true Constitutional crisis in the form of the "Slaughter rule". Make no mistake, this is being done on purpose in a deliberate attempt to circumvent the will of America. Any attempt to do an "end around" any vote should be considered a slap in your face.

This crisis didn't just appear out of thin air, my friends. It came about as part of a well-planned and orchestrated effort to bypass our Constituion and to fundamentally change our country. And this is just the beginning.

There was a time when the word "communist" invoked an image of people who hated you because you were American. Communists and communism were seen as a threat to the country, and rightly so. It was their stated goal: "We will bury you".

It's time to consider the word "progressive" to be equally evil. The goal of "progressives" is the same: to abolish the pillars of self-rule by the people and replace it with a government that is openly hostile to you. your family, and your future.

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