Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid, NCAA Edition

...wherein this blog mentions that it hasn't had the time to watch many games in the first round. For this, I humbly beseech you not to permanently revoke my Man Card.

It's just that I'm far more focused on the Constitutional crisis currently going on in Washington. Yesterday's vote to proceed with the Slaughter rule has opened a dangerous door. This means that the Constitution will have been rendered essentially meaningless and will brand each and every member of Congress who voted for this manuever as a traior, and rightly so. This is dangerous territory for the progressives as the country awakens from its slumber to discover, in horror, that Washington no longer cares for the will of the people. Some are already calling for impeachment, as is our right to do. It's just not whom you'd suspect. It's the Washington Times.

Even Howard Stern, not known as a particularly prescient political thinker, is extremely pissed. He's not alone.

Folks, I don't normally do this sort of thing here, but I believe that we're in a time and situation that calls for Divine Intervention if we are to save our country and our way of life. We need help and we need it badly.


Fervently, with humility and hope that we can recapture the spirit of freedom enshrined in our Constitution and purge our enemies from power in a peaceful way that meets His approval.

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