Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Obama Administration Seeks to Ban...Fishing?


There's no other word to describe the environmental movement. What began as a fringe group whose wild-eyed predictions of global catastrophe garnered the bemused attention of the media has become a potent force in politics. Never mind that the entire premise of the "climate change" crowd is flawed to the point of absurdity, these people have now gained a foothold in Washington with the election of Barack Obama.

Forty years ago, if you'd brought up the idea that mankind could cause any long-term damage to the planet, you would've been laughed out of the room, and rightly so. Anyone who's ever seen grass growing in the crack of a highway instinctively knows that the Earth is the final winner in any contest with man. If mankind were to be suddenly swept away, is there any doubt that flora would rush to overcome our buildings and roads? Is there any doubt that the world would eventually revert to it's pre-man state, plus a few artifacts?

Perhaps because of the ridiculous and outrageous nature of the claims, certain people have become succeptible to an idea that is laughable at best, but highly dangerous if allowed into the political arena. But allowed it is, as though it were perfectly normal to think the sky was brown with orange polka-dots.

This misguided belief is now the basis for all manner of government regulation, all in an effort to reduce our freedom, but all in the name of the innocence of ecology. Again, I must stress that I'm not advocating pouring used motor oil into the ground (and into the water supply), but this excuse has long outlived its usefulness as a rational source of action. It's now being used as a bludgeon against the nation. Knowing that the American people would never vote for the draconian restrictions being placed on our economy, those same restrictions are still being enacted, only by departmental fiat.

Ask yourself: "Should recreational fishing be banned?"

Certainly no one who has ever gone fishing would propose such a ludicrous idea, yet that may very well be the outcome of a Council on Environmental Quality task force currently under way in Washington.

Think about that for a minute, especially if you've ever seen the wonder in a child's eyes while reeling in his first fish. Why would anyone in government want to rob you of that experience? Yet that's exactly the kind of control that the Obama administration wishes to impose upon you. If you ever wondered whether Obama was incompetant or willfully malicious in his desire to "fundamentally transform" America, wonder no more. It is deliberate: his hatred for this country extends all the way down to the lowly fisherman.

And make no mistake, this isn't about the environment. It's all about controlling your life, or rather, taking away your freedom to do as you please.

In a way, it would almost be fun to find yourself in a holding cell and, being asked what you were arrested for, to answer "fishing".


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