Monday, May 17, 2010

The Obama Administration = The New Know-Nothings

How times have changed.

Once upon a time, we Americans assumed that the people we sent to Washington to improve our lives and defend our way of life knew what they were doing. That's why we sent lawyers up there, so they could write bills that adhered to the foundation of all our laws: the Constitution. We assumed, since they had attended law school, they had a good idea of what was Constitutional and what wasn't. We also assumed that the constitution was taught in law school.

Well, we're finding out that this isn't quite the case after all. As we saw during the ObamaCare Cramdown, corrupt progressives don't really give much thought to the legality of the laws they write (or have someone else write). In fact, Representative Alcee Hastings gave us a very short lesson in how the peoples' business is now conducted in Washington.

"When the deal goes down, uhhh, all this talk about, ahhh, rules, we make 'em up as we go along."
Hmmm. Very enlighteneing, Mr. Hastings. I guess we're supposed to forget all the times that candidate Obama promised to post all new bills online for five days of public viewing and comment prior to signing them. Follow that with the revelation that no one in Congress bothered to read many of the bills they voted for this session.

Follow that with Eric Holders' admission that he hasn't read the new Arizona anti-illegal immigration law he so gleefully opposes.

Imagine for a minute that, in your job, you were expected to know specific details about some item of action. Your boss has a question and calls you. You tell him that you don't know because you haven't read it. How much longer could you expect to be employed?

Out in the real world, you're really expected to have knowledge of things and be able to provide answers on demand. Fail that, and you'll be funemployed in no time. Why doesn't this rule apply to members of Congress or the Obama administration? How, in the name of all that's sane, are legislators permitted to get away with not knowing the substance of bills that they are endorsing?

Our country had Know-Nothings before, but not like this.

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