Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid: It's Alive!

Reports of the death of the Cray supercomputer used to process this blog have been greatly exaggerated. Just as mysteriously as it died, it regained consciousness and has resumed its normal duties of decoding the human genome, predicting this seasons' hurricanes, defeating the worlds' best chess players, and picking this year's college football champion, all at the same time.

Meanwhile, another weekend is at our throats.

TARP?  Nope. Cash 4 Clunkers? Nope. ObamaCare? Nope. All of these political initiatives pale in comparison to the most important piece of legislation to come from this Congress: The Beer Bill.

Quick, hide the razor blades. Al Gore gives the worlds' most depressing commencement speech.

One of the critters in this picture has no business in the White House. The other one is a rat.

Well, it's about time. George Washington's library book is returned 211 years late. That'll be $300,000 Mr. Father of Our Country.

What the hell is this ticket for, officer?

The world's oldest sex toy is unearthed in Germany. Next up: the search for the world's oldest batteries. They couldn't be far away...

Have a good weekend, y'all.

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