Monday, May 24, 2010

A Protest in Your Front Yard: SEIU Thugs on Parade

Imagine a quiet day, punctuated by the occasional bird call or jet overhead. Suddenly, 14 school buses pull up on the street in front of your house and spill their contents on your yard: 500 angry protestors. Now imagine you're not home, but your teen-aged son is there alone, defenseless against the horde should they decide to become violent. His life could very well be at stake and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it but watch in horror.

If you're Bank of America deputy general counsel for corporate law Greg Baer, you don't have to imagine this scene. It actually happened to him last Sunday.

It just so happens that Fox News contributor Neena Easton lives next door to Baer and filed this report. There's more behind the protest, namely the fact that SEIU owes BofA more than $90 million, amounting to over $4M in fees and interest alone.

We're used to protests. We see them all the time. Previously, these protests had been limited to places of business. But this one was different and disturbing because it happened at a private residence.

There are many questions that have yet to be answered concerning this violation of human rights by the SEIU thugs.

Why were the police complicit in this protest? Why wasn't a permit issued? How were these protestors allowed to tresspass on private property. How were they able to use school buses for transportation to an illegal act? Could this happen again? Are we safe from this type of protest in our homes?

Why is the MSM ignoring the virulent protest of a private citizen on his own property, yet still maintaining the Tea Parties are violent and racist?

Perhaps it's time for our side to get up close and personal with the thugs in the SEIU. This blog would start with criminal trespassing charges, incitement to riot, kidnapping of a minor (a stretch, granted, but a case could be made for false imprisonment), demonstrating without a permit and any other transgression that could be applied. Make an example of all those involved at any level and throw the book at them.

Heavy fines and some jail time will restore these protests to their proper place: in public, legally and with the police present.

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Mark @ Israel said...

Backwardboy, everything is definitely going forward. Today, we hear protests in private residence. This did not happen before. Today, even educational institutions condone such act by allowing the illegal protesters to use their educational facilities. Today, you might not even feel safe in your own home. And today, I don't think the authorities will put the protesters to jail. After all, there will be no comments against the tea partiers because they're legitimate!