Thursday, May 6, 2010

Right On Cue, Sierra Club Wants To Ban Offshore Drilling

In an opinion piece over at, Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, pens what could rightly be considered the remnants of a bad acid trip. I'm certain that the Obama administration is very pleased to read in print what they secretly think concerning our country's energy policy. There's only one thing wrong with Brune's article: everything.

Ignoring hisory, Brune begins with this little lie:

There is no safe way to drill for oil in oceans.

Really? I'm kind of old and I don't remember any oil spill of this nature anywhere in the Gulf. Not that it's completely safe, the harvesting of oil is inherently risky because oil is highly flammable. That's why we pay the oil field workers well. But Mr. Brune would have us stop an activity because it's not safe? OK, that settles it. Everyone can stay at home for the rest of their lives. That way, we can all be safe all the time.

This disaster is an impetus to halt our dependence on oil completely and move to a clean energy future fast.
 My, my. That sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Let's all just snap our fingers and have all that ooky oil disappear, shall we?

Cost-benefit analysis shows this is the smart approach.
It does? Would you be so kind as to show us this specific analysis, please? I don't see a link to it in your article.

The most urgent matter, of course, is to plug the well’s leaks and launch a massive cleanup...
Gosh, Mr.Brune, I'm quite sure that no one else thinks that's a priority. Perhaps someone should've told the Obama administration on the day of the explosion. And how about that oil containment program proposed in 1994 that was never activated?

And speaking of President Obama,

Then President Barack Obama and Congress need to develop a clear, ambitious vision for weaning us off our addiction to oil within, say, 20 years. Dirty fuels are undermining our national security and contributing to the future disasters that climate disruption will bring.

And just what will we replace oil with, Mr. Brune? Is there another naturally occuring substance that equals the versatility of oil? Is there something else that can power our autos, that can be made into plastic and can soothe diaper rash? If there is, I'm certain that the world will celebrate this new substance and welcome it's introduction into our lives with parades. And keys to the city.

What is this substance? Mr. Brune?

Silly me. It's electricity!

We already have the technology to run our cars on electricity generated from wind and solar power. Feel the neck- snapping acceleration of the all-electric Tesla, and you’ll be disabused forever of the misconception that environmentally friendly travel is necessarily dull.
Are you talking about all that electicity that is only produced when the wind blows and the sun shines? How about at night or during a calm day? How do we generate electricity then? And can anyone afford a car that costs over $100,000.00. I certainly can't and I don't know many who could.

Mr. Brune? We're still waiting for a reply.

For example, when people use public transportation, they are helping to move the nation away from oil.
Are you seriously suggesting that I do my grocery shopping by bus when I can take my car on my schedule, and drive straight there and back without risking something frozen melting? Is that a truly viable alternative, Mr. Brune? I think I can safely call your solution bullshit, especially compared to the freedom we now enjoy, not to mention the safety of insuring that food doesn't spoil en route.

Gee, it seems as though your suggestions really don't work out here in the real world, Mr. Brune. It must be nice to live in your little fantasy world where there are no laws of physics and no money. There's nothing such as folks' livelihoods to think about. A place where everything is all rainbows and Skittle-shitting unicorns.

Where dreams really can come true if you wish hard enough.

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