Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Death Throes of "Progressivism"

It's all around us. It surrounds and permeates us.

The Force? Not quite. I'm speaking of the death of the "progressive" movement in American politics.

For years, we've tolerated outrageous ideas, one after another, that are irrational, obtuse, and downright fantastical. Here's one: animals have the same legal rights as humans. I'm going to carbon-date myself (once again) by telling my younger readers that there was a time when this idea would have gotten you laughed out of the bar, or at least cut off from any more drinks. We just knew better than that.

Here's another one: the earth is fragile and incapable of maintaining its own equilibrium. This notion, embraced by environmental groups, is responsible for the drastic decline in our nation's manufacturing sector and living standards as governmental rules and restrictions have become too onerous and costly to comply with, in addition to being an outright lie.

One more: by outsourcing American jobs, we're creating wealth and job opportunities for Americans. I'm not really sure how this one gained any traction, but I know that some people actually believe it, because I saw it on the Internet yesterday.

These false notions along many others have become so common-place as to boggle the mind. What used to be common sense has now been replaced with mindless babbling and incoherence. I present as an example, this clip from The Shark where former Republican governor of Florida Charlie Crist announced an endorsement from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kindly 'splain it to me Lucy what, if anything, in that clip made any sense?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

It has taken us a while, as a nation, to finally understand what the radical left has in store for us. Up until now, we've dismissed these people and their ideas as just so much mental experimentation that will soon dissipate in the light of Reality. However, with the election of Barack Obama and the installation of a filibuster-proof Democrat majority in Congress, we see, starkly, what these ideas can do to a people and a country when given free reign. The results aren't pretty: record levels of poverty, record amounts of unemployment, new records for home foreclosures, a declining purchasing power of the dollar in world markets, favoritism in law enforcement instead of the uniform application of law, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

While those on the left sneer at the concept of American exceptionalism, the rest of us are about to demonstrate how it works by sending an unmistakable mandate to Washington on November 2nd. We've seen what so-called "progressivism" has done in a short length of time and we want no more of it. The coming "Red Wave" will be the political equivalent of Shock and Awe. Only the most brainwashed will construe it any other way. We demand that government respond to our wishes and we refuse to accept anything else: no excuses, no whining, no nothing save what we tell it to do.

We have had enough.

Vote as if your life depends upon it. Don't expect to ride the wave by thinking that others will do the heavy lifting. Do your part. Be the Wave.

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