Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Desperation, Now with Added Instability!

This is really getting good. You can tell we're getting closer to an election when you have to put on waders before you read or listen to the news.

Recall yesterday's post wherein President Obama, parroting the line from the radical, far-left "think tank" Center for American Progress, accused the Republican Party of illegally contributing foreign money to candidates in this election cycle without any proof. Unmentioned is the fact that Democrats' primary funding is coming from noted foreign leftist and America-hater George Soros. Also conveniently missing is the fact that many of the organizations who contribute to Democrats such as the AFL-CIO and the Sierra Club also have international chapters just like the Chamber of Commerce.

Now, you'd think that, after all the weekends' bashing of Republicans in general and the Chamber of Commerce in particular, the White House would hesitate to even mention the name of the CoC.

You would be wrong, campaign-finance-breath.

Via Gateway Pundit,

I don't think this is anywhere close to being a "make-up kiss" as Larry Sabato suggests. This is nothing but psychological instability writ large. It's a desperate attempt by a flailing President to minimize the damage he's inflicted upon his own image.

This shows an inability to make up his mind: bash businesses or praise them? It's clear that Obama is openly hostile to capitalism and business, there are far more examples than I can recall. But this attempt yesterday to include the CoC in his effort at another stimulus aimed at infrastructure just reeks of hypocrisy, and is most unbecoming the office of the Presidency.

At best, it's a lack of consistency. At worst, it's a sign of mental instability.

Pick one, Mr. President. You can't have it both ways.

If these were less serious times, this would be amusing. However, given the outright failures of the Obama administration, this is not at all funny. Obama and his radical Marxist cronies in Congress have nearly succeeded in their quest to destroy capitalism, bringing untold misery to millions of innocent Americans through their misguided policies of government intervention into areas of the economy previously left untainted. If he were to plan the destruction of our way of life, he wouldn't be doing anything differently.

The outrage is growing. Many in the blogosphere have joined the voices condemning this futile and grossly unfair tactic by the White House.

Via SC&A, comes this from the Economist.

The Jawa Report has this cartoon from Chris Muir.

And the self-described "right-wing troglodite" Charles Krauthammer has this to say over at NewsBusters.

On November 2, vote like Mark Levin is looking over your shoulder.

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