Thursday, October 21, 2010

While Obama Dismisses War on Terror, Muslim Brotherhood Declares War on US

There is a disturbing trend among many in Washington to dismiss the War on Terror as a fabrication of knuckle-dragging right-wing-nuts who drool at the prospect of creating some non-existent boogieman to skewer. This trend reaches to the top of the Obama administration who has famously renamed the War on Terror with the vapid term “Overseas Contingency Operations.” Acts of terror are now referred to as “Man-caused disasters.” Even our military forces must contend with the lack of seriousness emanating from the poison of political correctness in the Pentagon in the form of rules of engagement that make no sense and seem designed specifically to place our fighting forces in a position of weakness.

This trend is a disturbing one because it ignores a very fundamental truth: We have enemies.

Part of this dangerous psychology is denial. Some folks just cannot accept the fact that others don’t like them. The false ideas contained in the concepts of political correctness are also to blame. There is a catch-phrase the ignorant left loves to use to disregard any warning concerning the real intentions of radical islam – when faced with actual arguments, they invariably start screeching “islamophobia” with all the idiocy they can muster. Even after the massacre of 9/11, there are those who deny what is right before their eyes.

However, all of the arguments and all of the new-age pop psychology that is employed by the leftist have just been tossed out the window.

The Muslim Brotherhood has officially declared war on America.

That means you and me.

The history of islam is one of a constant effort to conquer the world through any means available. By the sword. By the word. By the courts. By patience. By cunning. By using our assets against us.

Every day, there is some example of the oppression of islam somewhere in the world. Whether it be “morality police” forcing men to cut their hair a certain way, forced clitorectomies, honor killings, brainwashing children and teaching them to hate others, the list of barbarities is long. How long must the world tolerate these things? What will it take before we awaken from our national slumber to the realization that there were many in the Arab world who danced in the streets upon learning that Moslems plowed two American airplanes into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001?

Maybe this will do it.

Some of us are starting to fight back. A group vowing to fight "Islamofascism" has launched a media blitz in Oklahoma supporting a state constitutional amendment that would prohibit the courts from considering Islamic or other international law when ruling on cases in Sooner State courtrooms. Naturally, the muslim superiority group CAIR rose up out of their slime to denounce the initiative as, you guessed it, “islamophobia” and another example of muslims being unfairly targeted.

I ran across this little piece over at National Review Online that is worth your time, especially if you have yet to decide if the Ground Zero mosque is a good idea. Here’s the intro,

Imagine that there really were these fundamentalist Christian terror cells all over the United States, as the Department of Homeland Security imagines. Let’s say a group of five of these terrorists hijacked a plane, flew it to Mecca, and plowed it into the Kaaba.

Now let’s say a group of well-meaning, well-funded Christians — Christians whose full-time job was missionary work — decided that the best way to promote healing would be to pressure the Saudi government to drop its prohibition against permitting non-Muslims into Mecca so that these well-meaning, well-funded Christian missionaries could build a $100 million dollar church and community center a stone’s throw from where the Kaaba used to be — you know, as a bridge-building gesture of interfaith understanding.

What do you suppose President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, the New York Times, and other Ground Zero mosque proponents would say about the insensitive, provocative nature of the proposal?


This is a war the Obama administration clearly does not know how to fight. Or does it? In his book The Audacity of Hope, Obama clearly states that he will “side with muslims should the political winds of war shift in an ugly direction.”

Is there any other way for the wind to shift during the hell of war, Mr. President?

What then are we to expect of you, Mr. President, given your published intention to side with our enemies? Should we really expect anything except rules of engagement that favor the enemy? Should we expect anything except mislabeling what is clearly a war? Should we expect that you would want to give our enemies the hard-won rights and liberties that our forebears died for inside our very own courts?

What should we expect from you?

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ck said...

But Barry loves the the myth that his daddy was an exotic Kenyan muslim rather than the American communist Frank Marshall Davis(who makes Barry the legal POTUS). Stanley Ann was the nanny/houskeeper/mistress of the swinging/bisexual Davis' when she was 17.