Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The New Compromise in Congress

In the spirit of the coming conservative tsunami that is about to hit Washington, I’d like to suggest a new meaning of the word “compromise” in the American political dictionary.

For the past forty years or so, this word has meant, as Arizona congressional Republican candidate Jesse Kelly put it, "Bipartisanship in Washington means Republicans selling out their conservative principles in order to appear nice on MSNBC."

He has a very valid point.

The word conjures up an image of two political opponents hammering out details, first one and then the other, reaching some sort of middle ground acceptable to both, with the underlying supposition that what results is in the best interest of the country. However, candidate Kelly is quite correct to point out the reality of what actually happens: radical, big-government leftist lay out a plan to spend more of our money in order to make themselves look good to the people back in the home district so he or she is better able to be reelected. The conservative then must give in to whatever the liberal wants or else be smeared as “partisan” or “obstructionist” or some other name so the people back in the home district will reelect the radical, big-government leftist.

This is about to change.

The rise of the Tea Party in American politics is about the formerly “Silent Majority” speaking up to demand that our representatives in Washington start doing what we ourselves are being forced to do, namely "tighten their belt" and reduce spending. The days of wasting taxpayers’ dollars are nearing an end. Today’s voters are more engaged than ever and have more means at their disposal to monitor what Washington is doing. So the word “compromise” must change to accommodate the will of the people to reduce federal spending and cut out waste, fraud and the abuse of power.

So, here is the new meaning of the word.

In the future, liberals will be giving up their priorities to conservatives, who will start crafting common-sense allocations for programs. The compromise will now come from the left to the right side of the aisle, not from the right to the left, as is now currently done. Liberals will start cutting their budgets and justifying the remainder in an honest accounting of where the money will be spent. Budgets will no longer be based on the previous fiscal year, but will start from scratch to determine how much is actually needed. Zreo-based accounting, I believe, is the proper term for this.

Compromise will now mean that any government expenditure must be fully justified and meet a real need, or else it will be reduced or eliminated. The conservation of tax dollars will be the rule, not the increase. Big-spending, big-government liberals will begin to pare down their requests for funds in accordance with the new paradigm of a smaller, more responsible Federal government.

This new definition of compromise will also include a new twist on the words “partisan” and “obstructionist”. These terms will now be used to describe anyone on the left who wants to squander tax money. Things like the waste of taxpayer dollars on the study of ants will be brought into the light and those who propose such insults to the American people will be derided as the irresponsible spenders that they are.

The attitude of the American people is changing. Politics in Washington will change as a result. Business as usual will no longer be tolerated. We’ve tried the vapid promise of hope and change and it has been shown to be a gigantic failure, resulting in record high levels of unemployment, poverty, and federal debt, things that should never happen in the worlds’ number one economy. It's time to halt this very dangerous veer towards the radical left that Obama and his cronies in Congress have engineered.

As a reminder, if you haven’t already, pick a day to vote and let your voice be heard in Washington. And be sure to tell all your Democrat friends to vote on November 3rd.

Send an undeniable message to the corrupt elitists that we are coming to take back our nation. Bend to our will or get out of the way.

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