Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Only in Washington – The Gaping Chasm between Politics and Reality

The video below shows something rare in Washington, especially these days. Paul Ryan is addressing the House concerning the tax bill a few weeks ago. What’s rare is what he says: the truth. Take a listen for yourself and enjoy a breath of fresh air where it’s most needed…

This ties in with my opinion on who should chair the Republican National Committee. As you may know, Michael Steele will be running for his current position again. I had high hopes for him when he first started as the GOP chair, having listened to his common sense ideas shortly after he left as Maryland’s lieutenant governor. I was under the impression that we conservatives would finally have someone in Washington to counter the progressives who had taken over the Democrat party.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

No sooner did Steele take the wheel than he descended into the political doublespeak that passes for conversation inside the Beltway. Gone was the fiery speaker who was unafraid to say what he meant, that man having been replaced with someone who could instead talk for an hour and never say anything of substance. I was later sorry for supporting him at all and I currently cannot endorse him.

This could change, of course. All he need do is drop the Newspeak and call a spade a damned shovel. I appreciate truthfulness in my politicians, which explains my depression about the current state of American politics.

I’d like to have some hope, I’d really like to. I think I see a faint glimmer of it way off in the distance. Maybe it’ll get brighter come January 5th when the new Congress is sworn in. As it stands today, this lame duck session seems bent on destroying what little is left of America in the short time remaining.

Perhaps then we can start to right our ship of state that is listing leftward so much that it’s in danger of capsizing.

It’s my fondest hope that this new Congress will abandon the progressive tendency of distorting language in order to advance their Marxist agenda. Only in Washington could the prevention of a tax increase be framed as a cut, as Representative Ryan points out. Of course, if you’ve been following politics at all, you’re well aware of how power-mad pols twist and tie our language in knots, and logic along with it, to make you think a certain way, often falsely. Our country cannot long endure lies in the place of truth.

If you’ve not followed politics and are just now taking an active interest in the goings-on in Washington, you’re in for a rude surprise.

Politicians lie. And the more leftist their agenda, the more they lie. And when they run out of lies, they start chasing their tail, speaking something that sounds like they know what they're talking about, but contains very little in the way of logic or truth.

Don't let yourself be fooled by any politician. If you hear one of them say something that doesn't sound quite right, you're onto something. Use your intuition, or take some time to inform yourself so your intuition will get stronger. I've heard of this Interwebs thing...

Anyway, that little glimmer of hope that I have is that America is waking up. Granted, it’s waking up to a house that’s on fire, but it’s waking up nonetheless. Issues, facts and reality are starting to become important, not pretty faces, well-tailored suits, and nice haircuts. Folks want to hear concrete plans for positive action, not vapid phrases and empty promises. We expect positive results. Anything less is a waste of time.

That’s where the head of the RNC comes in. This new leader will have a full-time job doing nothing but decoding the drivel that comes from the mouths of progressives and defining what they really mean. The recent verbal war over extending the Bush tax rates would be a great place to start. Progressives were calling them cuts when they really weren’t at all. Another tactic, which we’ll hear next year, is that the evil Republicans are only on the side of corporate fat cats who’ll ride the backs of the poor, oppressed worker all the way to the bank. Never mind the fact that there are a lot of Americans who want a job to provide for their families, and that stocks are a large part of many Americans’ retirement portfolios.

I won’t get into the corporate cronyism that currently infests this administration. One need only look as far as the General Electric Corporation as an example of this. Or, if you wanted another one, look at the effects of a cozy relationship with radical, leftist union leaders who persuaded Obama to take over GM and Chrysler, bypassing the normal route of bankruptcy, which would have allowed those companies to restructure their union contracts. In a clear violation of law, the stockholders were given short shrift in favor of unions whose membership has been in decline for generations as the free market for workers has been much more effective in improving wages and working conditions.

However, back to the subject of everyday reality versus whatever it is that passes for it inside Washington. This chasm is wider than the Grand Canyon and twice as deep. If we’re to have any prospect of climbing back up to its rim and enjoying the view once more, we’re going to need our bullshit meters turned on whenever a politician speaks. If the needle moves at all (I have mine turned way up, so it's generally a pink blur), then you’ll know you’re in trouble and it’s time to pick up a phone and call to inform their staff that whatever they’re planning or doing is wrong. Public pressure is starting to work.

More of it will work even better. If they don't know what the truth is, we can tell them.

We're generous that way.

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