Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here's Real Progress - Rep. Lewis Pledges to Strip EPA Funds

This is what we voted for.

You may have noticed a trend in recent years. Unelected bureaucrats have steadily increased their power far beyond the original intent of their positions until we have entire departments of our government pursuing a radical agenda that directly opposes the best interests of the nation.

I speak specifically of the Environmental Protection Agency. The same agency that is currently responsible for the needless agricultural shutdown of the former cornucopia of California's Central Valley because of an insignificant bait fish. This action, along with many others that defy common sense, are responsible for the inability to utilize our God-given resources to benefit the country and its people.

Our own government is working against us. How has this happened?

In a way, we only have ourselves to blame. We haven't done our duty in informing ourselves about the goings-on in Washington, busy as we are working and raising our families. We trusted unscrupulous politicians to act in our stead, politicians who said one thing on the campaign trail and then did something completely different when they were elected to office. It only took us two generations before we caught on to the deception, but when we did, we managed to begin the process of removing said lying pols, most noticeably in this most recent election.

Now the work begins for those we elected. We sent an unmistakable message to the "progressives" in Washington that their vision for the country of an ever-increasing federal intrusion into our lives was about to stop.

Case in point: California Representative Jerry Lewis has vowed to strip funding for the EPA. Granted, he's grandstanding just a bit in a bid to chair the House Appropriations Committee. But it appears that his heart is in the right place and that he heard the peoples' message to Washington loudly and clearly on November 2. Specifically, he's looking to stop the agency from circumventing Congress, and us, by imposing many of the provisions of the failed Cap-and-Trade energy tax. The EPA has indicated that it intends to start regulating greenhouse gases in January, thus bypassing Congress and the will of the people who are starting to fully recognize the harm this agency is doing to our national interests.

This is good news. We're starting to get our own government back under control. We should expect no less than a responsive government that's able to handle the problems of modern life in a mature and knowledgeable way while still advancing the national interests, in this case the need for cheap energy.

There are far too many radical environmentalists (many in high places) who mistakenly think that we must roll back our dependence on so-called "fossil fuels" because of an erroneous theory that has yet to be proven. These people want us to pursue some fantastical new "green technology" that is supposed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil in the name of the now-discredited "man-made global warming" theory.

Notice how these ecological fanatics ignore the one proven technology that could provide us with inexpensive energy with very little pollution - nuclear power. There is a reason that we haven't built a new nuclear plant in over thirty years and it's the radical environmentalists (and their lawyer enablers) who have constructed the legal and regulatory roadblocks. All made possible by a couple of badly written and horribly executed federal laws.

This entire environmental charade is based on a lie. And we know it.

We should be thankful that the ClimateGate emails were finally brought to light, curiously, no thanks to WikiLeaks. As an aside, if Julian Assange were so interested in bringing truth to the masses and uncovering corruption, why wasn't he instrumental in making those emails public? Huh, Julian? Where were you when you could have done the planet a real favor by uncovering a massive hoax, one that has cost us untold trillions of dollars for no reason other than a crisis manufactured for political purposes?

I'm digressing again. Sorry.

Representative Lewis is to be applauded for his intention to defund the EPA. This should be merely the beginning of the dismantling of Washington bureaus who are standing in the way of America's greatness by prohibiting the utilization of our natural resources. Granted, we should be judicious in our use of these resources and not return to the excesses that created the need for an EPA in the first place. No one wants to see rivers on fire again. But we've learned a lot and corrected our mistakes, something that radical environmentalists refuse to acknowledge.

We can and should be harvesting the things Given to us in a responsible way.

Kudos to Representative Lewis. Don't stop now.

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