Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Think We’re Not Under Attack? Think Again

So many outrages, so little time…

This almost slipped under my radar. Perhaps you heard of Oklahoma’s State Question Number 755. No? What it did was attempt to reinforce what should be common knowledge, namely that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and that any other law, international or Sharia, shall not be considered in court.

It’s about now that you’re supposed to roll your eyes and say, “Well, duh.”

Would you be surprised to know there’s a US District judge who begs to differ with you? I certainly was. The questions arise like birds on the wing.

The inimitable Zombie over at Pajamas Media has a great article that outlines this amazing new era in American Constitutional law. I insist that you read it all.

This dispute is so fantastically idiotic, and the judges’ ruling so incomprehensible, that I find it difficult to put into words. How have we allowed ourselves to fall this far from what our Founders clearly envisioned and codified in clear language in our Constitution? To quote Ellen Ripley, “Did IQ’s just drop sharply while I was away?”

I used to think we were safe from this sort of thing. Looks like I was wrong.

How fragile is our Republic? How can we possibly have someone in a position of power, one Vicki Miles-LaGrange, that is so unqualified as to rule against our own laws? How can she not understand simple legal principle, and if she doesn’t, how could she have risen through the ranks to achieve her current status as a US District Judge?

Even more important is, how do we get her off the bench and replace her with someone who understands the basics of Constitutional law?

This is a serious problem, my friends, and needs to be resolved. If we’re not safe in the knowledge that our Constitution is the supreme law of the land and that no other law will be considered, we are in big trouble. This will open a legal door that should remain closed, locked, and nailed shut.

The remarkable thing about this is the blatancy of the argument. In a normal world like the one we enjoyed when we were kids, this lawsuit wouldn’t have made it this far. If it had, then the lawyers who concocted such a travesty would have been given a proper dressing down on the public record, and warned that if they ever wasted the Court’s time on something so frivolous again, they’d be held in contempt and spend some time in jail. This is still what should happen.

If you ever had any doubts that our entire way of life is under attack from every conceivable direction, including using our own laws against us, this should erase them.

Our enemies, in this case, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, are dedicated to our defeat and to instilling Sharia law on us against our will. It’s their Prime Directive, if you will. Not content to let us live in peace, they are waging war against what they consider their enemies, or as they refer to us, “infidels.” I find this curious, as I don’t know of a single person who has any animosity whatsoever towards any practitioners of that faith. I have no problem with Islam, but if Islam somehow decides I’m an enemy, denying the reality that I’ve done absolutely nothing to harm it in any way, then they’ll understand that they have made their own enemy where one didn’t exist beforehand.

They will regret it. They will lose their fight. I will not submit, nor will anyone I know.

At the core of this argument is the concept that we, the people, govern ourselves. We elect representatives to draw up laws that we adhere to in accordance to the framework of our Constitution. This frivolous lawsuit attacks us at this core. In fact, it appears that Judge Miles-LaGrange is using some sort of foreign law to arrive at her decision. What she has done is so clearly unconstitutional that even I can see it. One need not be a scholar to understand a principle. This judge has proven herself unqualified to rule or even practice law in this country.

I am calling for her removal from the bench for reason of gross incompetence. This must not stand, as this decision has no basis, and the plaintiffs have no standing.

No other law is to be honored in our courts except our Constitution.


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