Monday, December 6, 2010

An Open Letter to the Incoming Congress

Dear Members of the 112th Congress,

Allow me to be among the first Americans to welcome you to your new job. Congratulations to you. You have a unique job in all the world. Your decisions will have a direct effect upon millions of your fellow citizens for years to come. The opportunity for you is literally boundless. You may be able to lift America from the depths of malaise and incompetence that we’ve suffered under for the past four years during the reign of Nancy Pelosi and her progressive minions.

While there are many important issues facing the country, perhaps none is as important as solving our economic problems. We have them primarily because we’ve allowed the federal government to become far too big and unmanageable. The imposition of an increasing number of federal regulations, rules and taxes have created an environment that is hostile towards business and damaging to the country. The results are all around us – there are record numbers of Americans on food stamps and record numbers of Americans living in poverty. This is the legacy of progressivism, a legacy that is unbecoming the free people of this great country.

Our current economic problems will not be solved quickly. However, you can take steps to minimize the negative effects of too much government by following a few simple principles. First, understand that Americans need good, high-quality jobs. Our way of life is dependent upon creating an atmosphere that fosters the creation of a rich diversity of job options. The move towards a global economy has been an abject failure that has resulted in the massive export of good American jobs overseas. It is time to recognize the value in manufacturing American products for Americans. We can and should be constructing our own cars, computers and washing machines here in America. By not doing so, we are limiting our potential for growth and prosperity unnecessarily. By rejuvenating our manufacturing base, we will once again provide good jobs for a larger number of Americans.

Second, also understand that we need abundant and inexpensive sources of energy. The current regulatory environment is artificially restricting our ability to create these sources for no reason. Our way of life depends upon the wise utilization of our God-given natural resources, but our own government, aided by radical, far-left environmental groups, is preventing us from doing so. Much needed, new sources of power using proven, safe technology are under attack from these groups who are stifling our ability to have efficient energy supplies. Despite being unelected to any office, environmental groups are dictating national energy policy with no regard to the negative effects of their rules. Laboring under the false theory of “man-made climate change,” these groups are damaging our national interests. By standing in the way of proven sources of energy, these groups also bear a great responsibility for the current state of our economy. It is the hope of a nation that you will greatly diminish the harmful influence these fringe organizations currently impose on the construction of new oil refineries and nuclear power plants and you will encourage a return to an energy policy that adequately addresses the needs of a growing nation and a vibrant economy.

Finally, let me impress upon you the importance of conducting your affairs in Washington with the highest legal and moral standards. Let your actions always be guided by the knowledge that what you do has a direct effect on every American. Place yourself in the shoes of your fellow citizens when considering any issue. Guide your actions in a way that will bring honor and respect to our government. Never let there be any question that you are doing your very best to improve the lives of everyone in America.

In conclusion, it is with the best wishes of success that I welcome you to your new station. May it be filled with good things for you, your staff, and your country. May God Bless you and the United States.


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