Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Olbermann Confirms It – Progressives Live in an Economic Disney World

Warning, the following post contains examples of progressive viewpoints concerning economics. It displays distortions, half-truths, misconceptions, and lies that may be dangerous to free markets if implemented. They are not trained professionals.

You don’t need to travel very far these days to know that the country is in dire straits. My little sojourn downtown was very revealing (see yesterday’s post below). I mean, I knew things were bad, just not this bad.

And the worst part is, we don’t need to suffer this way when there are proven solutions that have yet to even be attempted. Allow me to elaborate.

In the process of manufacturing, when bringing a new product to market, there is a predictable chain of events. First is the idea itself, which, when finalized, moves on to the pre-production stage where blueprints are drawn and methods are devised to make the product. When production begins, more details are needed to insure an orderly flow from raw material to finished article.

If, at any point in the process, there is an error, there’s a scramble to correct it. The successful business will keep these errors to a minimum by having the right people in place to be on guard for the inevitable mistakes. They happen and can’t be completely avoided. However, experience keeps their negative impact minimal, and the wise business will always know and allow for a certain amount of unpredictability during this process.

Occasionally, a problem will arise that catches everyone by surprise. Now, the sooner this problem is recognized, the sooner it can be corrected.

The point is that the sooner a mistake is caught and corrected, the less expensive it is.

Now, I’m speaking of the normal course of events. However, sometimes the concept itself is flawed and the product is a failure. Case in point; the Ford Edsel.

All of the steps that had worked previously to create autos were followed and were successful. Except the product itself did not sell well, and became an example of what not to do.

We’re at that point in our economy; it has been regulated and designed, blueprints drawn up, reviewed and approved, and we’re witnessing the very predictable result: failure.

Those in power in Washington for the last four years, namely the progressives in Congress led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have designed a product that the American public doesn’t want. Through their incessant imposition of new burdens and massive amounts of regulation, they’ve managed to design this grand failure of free market economics that we’re currently witnessing.

The failure of their efforts is on display everywhere you look. Empty storefronts, shuttered factories, and desolate cities stand as a mute testament to their efforts. What they have done needn’t have happened. American has been deceived, told one thing by campaigning politicians who did something else entirely once safely in office.

Their economic concept is flawed, yet they refuse to see their rather obvious mistakes. In one simple example, Keith Olbermann, spouts one of the lefts most recent economic misconceptions that the unemployed are the real job creators in America. Pajamas Media’s Alan Barton refutes this here. Do watch the whole thing.

Another of the progressive mantras (totally untrue in reality, again) is that conservatives don’t have a plan to get our economy back up and running again. We do have a plan, namely to reduce or eliminate governmental interference in the economy, but that would require those currently in office to give up their power to stifle the free market. This is why the Obama administration refuses to consider them. Witness the fight going on over keeping the Bush era tax rates.

For whatever reason, President Obama has done his best to avoid the proven methods for stimulating our economy. His entire premise is flawed, resulting in a cascade of incorrect outcomes, finally resulting in the worst economic downturn that any of us can remember. There are ways to get things going again, things like drilling for our own oil, but Obama has recently extended his unnecessary moratorium on drilling in our waters, thereby directly making our economy worse. If he were intent upon devastating our economy, would he be doing things any differently?

Finally, you’ll hear this latest lie: capitalism doesn’t work. Sorry, but that’s just plain bullshit. It’s taken years, but we’ve reached the point where governmental interference has distorted the markets so much that they’re almost incapable of operating. This is the ultimate irony, that politicians would declare capitalism a failure when it’s their actions that have caused the failure.

Our only hope at this time lies in the incoming Congress. If they heed the message that America sent this past November, they will start to reduce this size and scope of the federal government’s intrusion upon a formerly free market. They can begin by defunding the Environmental Protection Agency, the single heaviest weight currently holding our economy down. If they do as they promised, an agency-wide reevaluation of Washington’s regulatory impact would go a long way towards cutting government down to a manageable size and to start working for the people of the country.

It’s time for us to quit apologizing for capitalism, as David Limbaugh points out. At the same time, we have a lot of work to do to get Washington out of the way and let us get back on the road to prosperity once again.

It took time to get us here, it will take time to solve our problems. We can start by purging politicians who boasts of their progressivism. Their ilk is the source of our problems, their concepts are seriously flawed. Get them back to the fringes of society and keep them there.

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