Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Conservative Candidate for 2012 - Mr. Issues, Part III

or, the final installment of The Post That Wouldn't Die. Continued from yesterday...

The next issue that needs to be addressed is our national energy policy.

Currently, it’s “NO!” No, we can’t drill for our own oil, despite years of politicians claiming to want to rid us of our dependence on foreign oil. No, we can’t build any new nuclear plants, when other countries such as France are relying increasingly on nuclear power. No, we can’t build new infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing population. No, we can’t grow our own food because we can’t water our crops due to some insignificant fish.

This must change. We must elect a president who will be willing to take a good, hard look at our energy policies with an eye towards repealing the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. While we’re at it, we should also look at repealing the Endangered Species Act, too.

Before coffee comes out your nose from incredulity, understand that the goals of having clean air and water were accomplished years ago. Our water and air are much cleaner today than they were forty years ago. You will no doubt notice the absence of flaming rivers in the news. This responsibility can now be shifted onto the individual states, where they can be managed more efficiently.

Today’s environmental movement has become the home of radical leftist, anti-capitalists whose goal is the elimination of our free market system, to be replaced with some flavor of Marxism, Socialism, Communism, or perhaps a hybrid of these methods of failed societal control. It’s all been tried before; it has all failed in spectacular fashion before. It’s time for us to reexamine the role that these unelected groups have in preventing us from utilizing our rich natural resources and stop their efforts cold. It’s happening all over.

I’m sure all of you have heard local stories about this or that environmental group filing a lawsuit to prevent this or that project. A road, a bridge, an oil refinery, a nuclear power or coal plant, the specifics aren’t as important as the overall goal of stopping real, tangible progress. These groups have as their agenda the crippling of our ability to increase our energy supplies in every way possible. They were handed this ability with the passage of the aforementioned Acts.

We’ve been told a lie for so many years about our environment, that some people still believe that we’re poisoning the planet and that somehow, mankind has the ability to alter the very climate of an entire world. Even more preposterous is the idea that we can somehow “save the planet.” How can this be true, after forty years of more and more environmental laws, regulations, and departments? Have our efforts so far proved useless, that we need even more laws? Is nothing enough?

This is the stuff of fiction, folks. And it’s time someone told you so. Moreover, we need a president who understands this simple truth.

It’s a sad fact that many of our elected officials have blindly believed in this fairy tale, even going so far as to enact legislation built on its flimsy suppositions and wildly inaccurate predictions. When they should have been far more inquisitive before introducing these bills based on such dubious (and, as we know today, falsified) data, they forged ahead bravely, thinking they were at the forefront of Something Important, when in fact, they were being used by our domestic enemies.

Witness the witlessness of the effort to ban Di-hydrogen Monoxide. An equal amount of intellectual heavy lifting has gone into most environmental bills. And we’re paying an unnecessarily high price for allowing our elected officials to get away with enacting such laws. What they should be doing is getting out of their offices and getting some first-hand knowledge of the laws that they’re proposing, asking questions, and gathering information from those Americans with actual experience with an issue, not some special interest groups’ well-rehearsed spokespeople. The president could do this on his own as an example to the rest of those in Washington whom we send to act in our stead.

Onward to National Security.

Ronaldus Magnus (aka Ronald Reagan) had the right idea when he proposed his “Star Wars” defense shield. The years since have seen great technological advancements that can make this a reality. His idea for an impenetrable defense to shield us from attack should be made the highest priority. This should be combined with a policy of not being the police officer for the world.

Imagine the possibility of living without the threat of a nuclear missile destroying New York for a just a second. Since the majority of us have lived with this thought lurking in the back of our consciousness since childhood, we should grab this chance and hold it firmly in our national grasp. We should pursue a missile shield, so that we might live in true peace.

This would require a president who wants what Americans want. Our current president has embraced our sworn enemies, bowed to them and abandoned our stalwart friends. We don’t wish to impose our will upon anyone else, except perhaps to show them the benefits and blessings of freedom. In this effort, we should be willing, when asked, to help other nations craft a course that we have successfully navigated. Failing that invitation, we should mind our own national affairs. We have plenty here to keep us busy.

When they considered a national symbol for America, our Founders thought a rattlesnake would prove worthy. This creature lives a solitary life, hunting and eating rodents. It strikes in self-defense, only when provoked. “Don’t Tread on Me.”

We are entering a new era in the American Experiment. Quietly and stealthily, our enemies have amassed. Cloaked in respectability and importance, these enemies have taken positions of power within our very own institutions. However, they are today being exposed, for they can no longer disguise their true intentions. We have seen them operate, using deception and rhetoric before their constituents, then retreating to the halls of Congress to accomplish their nefarious agendas. Massive bills passed in the dead of night, without being openly considered and honestly debated, are the methods by which these enemies work their plans. Are you aware that there are proud Socialists in our own Congress? The mere fact that they define themselves as anything other than Americans should tell you there is something wrong in Washington, something very disturbing. Never doubt their seriousness and sincerity about their intentions. For too long, we have dismissed political rhetoric as mere posturing. We continue this at our peril. Our enemies are committed, as we must be in our vigilance and determination to root them out.

Those who describe themselves as “progressives” have in mind not progress, no, not the progress that our Founders envisioned of a nation of freemen, conducting their affairs in private, with honor, truthfulness, and a shared sense of community with their fellow citizens. Theirs is instead a world of control over the citizens of America, lording over each and every action of a people who should, by all rights, be free from their meddling, as our Founders intended. These “progressives” have no faith in their brothers nor in the concept of freedom, nor in the bedrock of our society as laid out in our Constitution. They seek to twist and distort the plain meaning of our supreme law, claiming that it somehow means something other than what it says. You will know them by their actions. Are these self-proclaimed progressives promoting freedom and liberty by removing barriers, or imposing more laws and regulations on us? The truth is plain to see, you need only know what to look for.

Indeed, the issues are what we should be focusing on. We need an articulate candidate who will craft his or her message around these issues.

The sooner, the better for America.

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