Thursday, January 20, 2011

Progs Want to Punish the Whole Class for One Student’s Behavior

There is a curious trait amongst the adherents of leftist political beliefs that I have yet to fully understand: it’s the overwhelming urge to punish everyone for the acts of a single individual.

Let’s hop in the Way Back Machine where we’ll be transported to a certain middle school in a certain state. The location isn’t important so much as the actions of a certain teacher who was universally reviled by her students. She was known as “The Bitch” instead of her given name. A certain Boy was soon to find out how she earned her name.

As you all know from experience, there are always students who like to be the center of the class’s attention for the wrong reasons. The Cut-Ups and the Class Clowns are a part of every school. They are normally sent to the Principal’s Office for discipline, calm is restored, and class eventually proceeds.

“The Bitch” was different.

This particular teacher was known to punish an entire class by keeping them all after school just because one student chose to disrupt her class. This wonderful lesson in the misuse and abuse of power led to near-universal condemnation of her among the students and silence from school administrators. And for good reason: there is absolutely no reason to punish someone for the actions of someone else.


That is just about the quickest way I can think of to instill hatred for authority in an impressionable youngster. Yet this fact seems to have been lost on the school administration that refused to scold this teacher for actions unbecoming.

And standing up to this kind of abuse of authority is the quickest way to earn a trip to the Principal’s office. *shuffles feet and whistles*

I suppose I should clarify my statement to say that there is no quicker way to instill hatred for authoritarianism, because that’s what it really is. There is a fine line separating the two, and a world of difference between the two philosophies.

Maybe it was dear old Mom who showed me the difference early on. Her favorite reason for me to do anything was, “Because I said so.” It made little difference what she ordered, nor how little sense it made, it was clear that I was to act as told because she was in charge.

She was also batshit crazy.

I was fortunate enough, though, to have also been exposed to the respectful type of authority through a military school where respect was commanded instead of demanded. This good kind of authority was instantly recognizable as good without any type of coercion. Respect was also mutual, without the denigration that comes with authoritarianism. As I mentioned, worlds apart.

Through the years, I’ve noticed that this tendency to punish everyone for the actions of a few (or one), comes from a deep desire to control people, a desire that isn’t normal. We’ve all known “control freaks:” if they can’t control you, they freak out. In case you haven’t noticed yet, the political left in America is composed primarily of such control freaks. This is evident in their knee-jerk reaction in the wake of the tragic Giffords shooting to introduce more laws restricting our constitutionally guaranteed right to possess firearms. This effort comes exclusively from progressives.

Those of us on the right side of the aisle recognize the necessity of maintaining the maximum freedom for the people and therefore reject the left’s assertion that we need to punish everyone in America for the actions of a lone disturbed gunman. We do not need any more laws restricting our right to keep and bear arms. What we need is swift and sure punishment for those who violate our laws.

Wasn’t that easy to understand? Then why is it that radical, leftist, progressives can’t get it?

As I said, I don’t get why they don’t get it, unless they really don’t want us to be free…

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