Monday, January 3, 2011

Ezra Klein’s Remarkable 30 Seconds of Stupid

The 112th Congress has yet to be sworn in and already the Leftist media is trotting out their dumbest and most inane representatives to try to throw a wet blanket on them. And they certainly did a good job with Ezra Klein. I wasn’t aware that so much stupid could be stuffed into a 30-second sound bite, but after watching it, I can only marvel at the efficiency of MSNBC.

Behold the wonder…

Now, I can see that this kid is a bit young and still wet behind the ears. He’s so lacking in life experience that I can hardly blame him for not knowing everything. But his statements following the host’s idiotic assertion that reading the Constitution was a “gimmick” are just, well, I don’t know how to put it.

The stupid is strong with this one.

Even when confronted with his own words, Klein responds with the clarity of mud. You’d think that after studying poli-sci in college that he’d have a tiny amount of respect for the legal foundation of our country. That respect seems to be lacking. In fact, he sounds rather in contempt of it.

All this brings up a few questions. We’ve already established his apparent disdain for the incoming Congress and their reading of the Constitution. His clarification didn’t dispel that either. So, he’s eliminated any doubts as to his political leanings. He’s a die-hard Leftist. But, if you know who he is, you already knew that.

My first question is this: How is he able to keep his job?

My second question is, who is it that keeps shoving him onto the national stage to spout his ignorance?

I mean, he’s demonstrated well his grasp of politics. He has none. His opinions are uninformed, flitting around concrete ideas like a hummingbird, never staying in one place long enough to establish a premise or a valid political point, other than his hatred for conservatism.

This qualifies him for a job, how, exactly?

What I find truly disconcerting is the fact that his uninformed opinions are broadcast as if they have some sort of weight. He’s well out of his league intellectually and his writings prove it. There’s just no there there. Nothing of substance, no grand, overarching political foundation, no sense of history, no sense of being connected to America and the fact that many of his fellow citizens are truly hurting as a direct result of four years of progressive control of Congress.


Is this what a college education will do to you, fill your head with nothing in exchange for a sheepskin? What happened to learning a bit of your own country’s history and how legislation has helped to shape or to harm society? Certainly, not every bill that comes from Congress is perfect, as more than a few have been repealed. Maybe it's me, but I always thought that was what you studied in Political Science classes, the nuts and bolts of our political system.

Clearly, the young Klein has yet to develop the essential qualities that separate adolescents from adults, most notably a healthy skepticism. Also missing is the ability to determine for yourself whether something is true or false.

Let me put this another way.

If I were a big league baseball manager, I’d send this kid back to the minor leagues. I’m not talking AAA, or AA, but all the way back to division A ball.

Or, in the words of Mike Wazowski, “Go grow up.”

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