Monday, January 17, 2011

I Had a Dream, Too

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Thanks to all of you who clicked on the video Friday. I feel much better.

Such is the power of this Interwebs thingy.

In between coughing fits and fevered sleep, I had a dream I’d like to share with you.

I dreamed that America had an epiphany. That collectively, we decided we’d had enough of the things that bedevil us and set course to pursue what could, and should, be ours. To take our place in history as the greatest society the world has ever known.

That we started to emphasize the goodness that comes naturally to us. We told our leaders that, in no uncertain terms, from this day forward they were instructed to vigorously pursue our wishes, to the exclusion of all others.

Our wishes were these:

America should begin to put Americans first.  Political decisions will be made henceforth with the needs of all Americans in mind. We will begin to reassemble a free-market economy that insures Americans have a secure future to pursue happiness for our families and ourselves. We would create true diversity in the job market so as to accommodate the richness of our abilities, whether those abilities reside in our heads or in our hands.

America’s representatives would put themselves in the place of their neighbors and practice real empathy. They would ask themselves how their decisions would benefit the majority of their peers who chose them to act in their stead in Washington, and if they had no answer, they would go directly to the people and ask them, and then act on those answers. Their decisions would no longer cater to whichever group gave them the most money for their campaigns, but to America as a whole.

I dreamed that those whose charge it is to inform us would swear allegiance to the truth, that we might ferret out those who choose to ignore the plain, honest wishes of the people, and not seek to “change the world” through deception, or bias, or misrepresentation of American values.

I dreamed that we would construct an impenetrable shield to protect our shores from enemies and those within our shores who wish us ill leave us in peace.

I dreamed that we would once again draw our God-given resources from His Earth to use for our benefit in a responsible way.

Lastly, I dreamed the dream of another, that we might truly judge one another by the content of their character. That we all begin to see our similarities more clearly than our differences. That we see ourselves in each other, knowing that we are interconnected not just in life, but in spirit, seeking goodness, humility and truth to bind us together, and to treat each other as we want to be treated.

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