Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leftists Spin Tucson, Public Rejects Their Lies

Trying to pick any truth out of the dung heap of progressive accusations of “right-wing hate speech” requires the patience of someone who stacks BB’s for a living. If you think that the left didn’t have their script ready at the wait for a situation just like this, then you’d be wrong.

Note the speed and uniformity of the baseless accusations leveled at the right. As I noted yesterday, we didn’t have all of the facts before the Sheriff of Pima County began his diatribe against the right, using all the standard smears. You’ve heard them all before: there’s nothing new, original or truthful in their words.

At least, Sheriff Dupnik made it clear that he was just spouting his opinion. What’s pathetic is, that’s not his job. His job is to investigate crime, not serve as a political pundit. If that’s what he wants to do, he should turn in his badge and get his own web site.

Perhaps he should focus less on tainting the jury pool and more on explaining to the people of Pima County why he allowed this tragedy to occur on his watch. As more facts are uncovered, we’re finding that the shooter wasn’t unknown to the sheriff. He’d been making threats to prominent members of the community for several years. The shooters’ classmates saw his incoherent, erratic behavior and were rightly concerned for their safety.

The sheriff has some explaining to do.

Hiding behind the sheriff’s uninformed opinions are legions of leftist pundits yelling, “Go Clarence. Go get the TeaParty/SarahPalin/RushLimbaugh/GlennBeck/SeanHannity. Take them down!”

However, the tide has turned against the progressive left. In a CBS poll, only 32% of the public believe that “right-wing” rhetoric caused the Tucson tragedy. This could be compared to declining success of using the race card that the left literally used until it became dog-eared and worn out. We've awakened to the tactics that the progressive left uses to twist the truth and rejected them.

The sheriff is clearly in the minority, a small and shrinking minority.

The Truth will come out and the American public will embrace it.

Progressivism is dying a slow and well-deserved death in America.

Ooh, was that inflammatory rhetoric? Um, yeah, yeah it was.

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