Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2012 Will Be the Most Racist Election Ever, or Something *Updated*

President Obama began his reelection campaign recently. I know this because his supporters are busy labeling (libeling?) anyone and everyone who has the audacity to question anything about him or his policies as a racist.

Puleeze. I mean really, that’s the best you guys can do? Call those of us on the right racists? Do you really think that, given the dire straits our country is in, that’s gonna fly anymore?

It never ceases to amaze me how the left in this country can so mischaracterize an issue. Somehow, inside their little minds, everything can be reduced to one simple thing that has nothing at all to do with reality.

In a way, we’ve been set up for this. We were sold the idea that the election of the first African-American president would, once and for all, prove that America wasn’t a racist nation. What that wound up doing instead was to give the left a cudgel with which to beat their political opponents with, namely us.

If you oppose our skyrocketing debt, you’re somehow a racist. Oppose ObamaCare? You’re a racist. Think Cash for Clunkers was a bad idea? Oh yeah, you’re a racist. Want to secure our border with Mexico? Guess what you are? Neener, neener, neener.

It’s all so simple for the left. It’s also complete and utter bullshit and everyone knows it.

Granted, we once had a problem with racism in America. I grew up in Alabama during the George Wallace era. I've seen racism up close and personal, which means I’ve seen the attitudes and actions that accompany that particular mindset. I’ve talked to racists and heard their arguments. And I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that they are among the most stupid, ignorant, and un-Christian people I’ve ever seen. They are rightly shunned by anyone with any sense of true Biblical brotherhood. Thankfully, there aren’t many of them around anymore thanks to the societal pressure brought against them. If you have somehow managed to hang onto those beliefs, you don’t have very many friends. And rightly so.

So I find it puzzling to hear the supposedly well-educated pundits of the left frame any opposition to President Obama as racist. Instead, they're the ones who sound like racists. All manner of false accusations are leveled at the right in general and at the Tea Party in particular, from hurling racial epithets at black members of Congress to charges that Tea Partiers brought guns to rallies.

Seriously, that’s the best you can do? Even after your claims have been proven to be false, you still persist in lying? Do you really think that the rest of the country believes you when you accuse us of racism? Do you really not think we know better?

Furthermore, do you really think we’re that stupid? You must.

In case Mr. Smiley hasn’t noticed, we are trying to have a debate about the issues, but folks like him are preventing that from happening by grabbing the first open microphone they can find to yell, “RACIST!”

Here’s another example of someone who can’t seem to discuss an issue without injecting the false narrative of racism into it. Ladies and gentlemen, Ed Schultz.

“This is what the Republican Party stands for, though: racism. I think Donald Trump is a racist.”

Ed, help me out here.

There’s a Constitutional requirement that the president be a natural-born citizen. While I’m not a “birther,” I’m among the many folk who wonder why Barack Obama hasn’t put this issue to rest by producing the documents to prove he was born in Hawaii. Didn’t John McCain have to produce his birth certificate, too?

Obama could, if he chose to, command the podium and show his birth certificate to the country and settle this once and for all. The fact that he hasn’t done so makes me and many others just a bit curious. After all, John McCain had a cloud of controversy over his birth in Panama. Ultimately, his birth certificate was posted online for all to see. It appeared that he was Panamanian by birth, but he still came clean.

So, Ed, how does The Donald’s request to see those documents make him a racist? I wouldn’t mind seeing them myself. Does that also make me a racist?

What is the connection between racism and the law? Didn’t we fix that back in the Sixties when we outlawed discrimination based on skin color?

How does wanting to secure our border with Mexico make anyone a racist? I coulda swore we had a whole slew of laws to regulate the people who entered our country. We even have a whole department full of people in Washington for that reason, if I recall correctly. We just might want to know who enters our country, if they’re a tourist or not, and whether or not they’re in good health, just like the rest of the world does. We might also want to know if anyone who comes here might be a criminal or a terrorist. Oops, sorry, Janet Napolitano, I meant a "man-caused disaster waiting to happen."

But from the news reports I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like those laws are being enforced well, if at all. So, if you want our country’s immigration laws upheld, that makes you a racist, too?

I don’t get the connection. It’s like saying I’m a racist for not wanting to be robbed or beaten up.

Maybe it’s just me. I’m kinda dumb about some things, but I still can’t find anything about the issues like the debt that has anything to do with race. Inflation, high gas prices, our trade deficit, high unemployment, three wars at once, any criticism or opposition to them makes you a racist according to the left. The Tea Party was borne out of a very real concern about excessive taxation. They even took their name from a Revolutionary tax revolt that happened well before the War Between the States.

That’s racist? You sure could have fooled me.

But you won’t.

I, along with the rest of my fellow citizens, won’t let you.

*Update. No sooner had I posted this than Ace informs us that President Obama has released his long form birth certificate. We have ESPN, Ace and I.

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