Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pre-Friday Stuff

I have a full day of appointments, starting with the doctor, so I'll give you a list of links with which to entertain yourselves. I'll be back tomorrow.

Here's my best imitation of Instapundit.

Fido is clean, so that means I didn't waste any time listening to Obama's campaign budget speech yesterday. The Wall Street Journal was less than impressed.

The economy continues to degrade. That's one helluva laser-like focus on jobs you got there, Mr. President.

Old Slow Joe Biden, doing what he does best during Obama's speech yesterday.

This is a joke, right? Bolivia wants the UN to give Mother Earth the same rights as a human being. As I think about animal rights, they/she can have them as soon as they/she can sign their/her name to a contract. If that doesn't happen, then this is just another way for lawyers to expand their market.

Time Mag: What if there's no Hell? John Lennon lives!

Speaking of Hell, here's the closest thing on Earth - If Progressives ran the world. You mean they don't already? Sure coulda fooled me.

And since I haven't had any pulchritude here lately, Karina Smirnoff will be on the cover, and inside Playboy.

Any woman named after vodka can't be all bad.

As always, feel free to poke around in the archives while I get poked on at the doctors' office.

Adios, mon frers.

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