Monday, April 18, 2011

US Drowning in a Sea of Debt by Design

As the budget battle in Washington takes shape, one thing is becoming painfully clear. It’s a question that has been lurking in the corners of everyone’s mind. And now, faced with the simple, stark choice of increasing or decreasing the size of the federal government, it can no longer be avoided.

This binary argument seems to be too simple for many career politicians to comprehend. The answer is either a “yes” or a “no.” One answer will lead to our destruction; the other will start to turn us toward prosperity once again.

After two years of Obama and his hard-left enablers in the Congress, our economy is in shambles. More money has been spent by them than by any Congress or president in our nations’ history, using the excuse that massive amounts of tax money was needed to pull us out of the most severe recession any of us have ever seen. TARP, the Stimulus, Cash for Clunkers and the takeovers of the healthcare, student loan and banking industries have resulted in a sea of red ink.

The world’s financial sharks are circling, smelling our nations’ life-blood in the water, waiting for our ship of state to sink so they can feast upon our remains.

Oh, and a happy Monday to you all.

This is a problem of our own making. Can there be any doubt that we’ve chosen people to represent our interests in Washington with all the thought that goes into the purchase of a pack of chewing gum? Big Spending Progressives with no real understanding of free market economics have ruled the waves. They have repeatedly violated all the know laws of economics and have brought us to this sad point in our history. One expensive and intrusive government program after another has effectively done what no foreign fighting force could ever hope to accomplish.

They have brought us to our knees.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll repeat a few of the numbers. Regular readers will already know these things, as I try to keep you all informed of the things you won’t hear on the evening news reports. You need to tell your friends and keep reminding them that things don’t have to be this way. We could have pulled out of this recession long ago: it’s the lack of leadership we have in Washington that is directly to blame for our continuing troubles.

We could have low gasoline prices, but President Obama is actively preventing us from exploring our rich natural resources. He would rather help Brazil drill for oil with $2B of our tax dollars.

We could have lower prices at the grocery store, but the Fed is pumping dollars into the economy recklessly in an attempt to inflate our way out of  debt.

Food prices are rising in part because of the misguided emphasis on unproven energy ideas that are subsidizing corn for use in our gas tanks instead of oil, resulting in higher feed grain prices for meat along with every other food that uses corn in any form.

Jobs are being displaced as the costs of doing business rise because of increasing rules and regulations imposed upon small companies. Add to this the overt hostility to “big business” and “the rich” that is contained in every speech that Obama gives. His demagoguery of the Ryan budget plan was full of it.

Class warfare is being used against us to divide and conquer. Those of us who are old enough to remember when we all wanted to be rich, because we could be, now stare in disbelief at a president who openly criticizes the creation of wealth and the demonizes wealth-creators as an enemy, while Al Qaeda and muslim extremism is not. I cannot fathom the enthusiasm of anyone who has been without work for years cheering his of speech.

High unemployment, the reporting of which is skewed by the numbers of unemployed who have dropped off the state’s rolls, record numbers of Americans in poverty and on food stamps, an anemic GDP projection of 1.5% all spell economic doom for which there are solutions, but this administration will not embrace.

What this administration does embrace is immature blaming and finger pointing. While actively preventing a recovery, they seek to lay blame on the dread George Bush for getting us into the mess that they cannot seem to get out of. Sorry Barry, after two years, you own this economy, and somebody needs to tell you, You’re Doing It Wrong.

So, we’re back to The Question. Since Americans are a forgiving nation, we have waited patiently to see whether Washington and this administration would do all the things it promised when it was elected in 2008. As things deteriorated, we waited some more, thinking that eventually Democrats would wake up to the facts that the rest of us know and start turning the economy around by opening up our domestic oil fields for production and loosening the reins on the business community to release the flow of private sector activity that will lift us out of this Obama Depression.

We wondered whether it was incompetence on their part, or naivety. They’ve had two years to accomplish their goals, and it seems as if they are doing what they planned.

We wondered if the continued harm they are inflicting upon our economy was deliberate. After Obama’s speech last week blasting Ryan’s budget plan, there can be no further doubt.

This is being done to us on purpose.

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