Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Bits of Tid - Tax Day Edition

Today is the day we all look forward to with breathless anticipation. If you're a tax preparer or work for the Infernal Revenue Service, that is. The rest of us, not so much. Really, we have until Monday to file, so we can anticipate all through the weekend.

Oh joy.

Stereo geeks such as myself are mourning the passing of Sidney Harman this week at the tender age of 92. He founded Harman-Kardon and JBL that helped establish America as a player in the burgeoning field of high-end music reproduction in the 1950's. He was also the fellow who purchased Newsweek for $1 in 2010 in a bid to revive what was once a respected name in journalism here. Now, all of the formerly respected traditional outlets combined aren't worth one dollar.

Curiously, there seems to be quite a few people who don't think we pay enough in taxes. All those folks want us to pay more. They can now put their own money where their mouths are at this site, STFUand There's a link to the IRS site where said people can send a "gift" to the government any time they please. And yes, STFU stands for what you think it stands for.

Duude, like, man, don't you feel, like all guilty and stuff, man? Indoor pot growing is killing the planet, man.

A doomsday group announces their date for the end of the world from the deck of a cruise ship to Bermuda. This couple will be dining at the Captain's table after dodging six natural disasters on their honeymoon.

Backwards or upside-down, it's all the same.

Now this is a great commercial. (h/t to the Morons over at Ace's place.)

Ace Ventura's girlfriend.

I think maybe Sidney Harman would've liked this guy.

And finally, this little guy discovers his second most dangerous body part.

Have a good'un y'all. And to Ima, you're welcome.

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